Al-Qaeda Dishing Insults To Obama

Al-Qaeda Insults Barack Obama
Al-Qaeda Insults Barack Obama

Terrorist organization al-Qaeda released a latest version of hate in an audio message posted on a militant website.  In the message al-Qaeda’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, acknowledged Barack Obama’s victory in the election by insulting him and others.  The message also included comments on how the United States admitted failure in Iraq and how efforts in Iran and Afghanistan will fail as well.

In the message there was also a recording of a speech of Malcolm X and that Zawahiri called him an honorable black American and a direct opposite of Barack Obama, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice who were “house negroes,” that would do anything to please their master, as the excerpt displayed. 

The message continued to warn Barack Obama, making comments on his support of Israel, in “choosing to be an enemy of Muslims and Islam.”  He also said that there was a heavy legacy of failure waiting for Obama in office, in attempt to give reminders of what happened to Bush, Parvez Musharraf (former president of Pakistan), Soviets, and the British. 

Not for nothin’, but while I can agree that Malcolm X is an honorable black American, Ayman al-Zawahiri knows very little if anything at all of the meaning of honorable black Americans.  His interpretation is misinformed and his accusations are wrong.  He seemingly has gotten so deep in his hatred that he is taking offense to anything that involves the United States of America.  I don’t think he actually knows much about Malcolm X, Barack Obama, Powell, Rice or anyone else he referred to his his message and offended.  Many black Americans have surpassed that way of thinking, even Malcolm X in his later years expressed regret.  And those who haven’t, still do not see this “death to America,” as Zawahiri sees it.  They have other things to think about other concerns if anything else.  Al Qaeda and other religions extremist are just that extremist, as in fanatic in their thinking.  Its hard to find many in their own religion who agree with their way of thinking.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if President-elect Barack Obama gets a little extreme in his thinking too and relate to Malcolm X in one way that Ayman al-Zawahiri could never see, and that’s terminate al-Qaeda worldwide forever by any meansnecessary.  Afterall, didn’t he say something about his mama?  Now those are fighting words.


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