The Twilight Zone

The hype on Twilight
The hype on Twilight

Tonight and throughout the weekend thousands upon thousands will be gathering at your favorite movie theaters, and it likely will not end on Monday, as the newest romantic-fantasy film Twilight is expecting to be among the top grossing movies of this year.  There is a certain buzz that has been created with the release of this movie.  Whether it be the attractive actors cast in the roles, the storyline, the book series, the whole vampire folklore, or a combination of all of those, Twilight, unlike the titled description, will likely see much more brigther times ahead.

The premiere of this movie is being heralded as one of the most anticipated movie premieres this year, if not the past few years.  Based off a series of books, Twilight is about a teenage girl that falls in love with a vampire.  It has managed to get a fan-base comprised of mostly young females lured to the genre.  Author Stephenie Meyer set out, not to make another vampire story, but to make a different type of love story.  What she created instead was much more, culminating in seemingly two of the most popular characters in recent fiction. 

And as the popularity of the book series goes, so does the movie version.  Millions of fans will get their first look at the feature-length sight of the story’s protagonist, Edward Cullen.  But what has become increasingly hard to distinguish is, are fans seeking their first look at the character or the actor that plays him, Robert Pattinson?  Because of the movie, the character, or neither Pattinson is becoming America’s next teen idol.  The vampire Edward Cullen is being seen as every girl’s dream, essentially the perfect guy, and filmmakers had to find the perfect actor to portray him on screen.  And if you ask the millions of young female fans (even many adult ones), they have.

So how popular will this movie be?  Time will tell, or will it?  Movie distributor Warner Brothers already has planned for the popularity to rival the powerhouse Harry Potter series.  They delayed the latest Harry Potter movie that was set to premiere this month to the summer of 2009 and put Twilight in its place.  A rivalry was already in place when the latest in the series knocked off J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows off the top spot on the U.S. bestsellers list.  If this movie does well, and every sign points to the direction that it will, then we’ll probably see a series of sequels.

Not for nothin’, but I think it might be something with a newly rejuvenated interest in the vampire myth in our fiction.  Vampires are being featured in books, movies, and television shows.  Years ago The Lost Boys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc were the it movies with the vampire myth.  Nowadays we have Twilight and HBO series True Blood to quench our blood-thirsty, blood sucking appetite.  At this point I don’t know if I’m lucky or unlucky to be part of the collateral damage of my girlfriend’s newest hobby.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.


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