The Fictional Truth Behind The JFK Assassination

Was Kennedy shot by Lone Gunmen?
Was Kennedy shot by "Lone Gunmen"?

Who would have thought that the X-Files agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully may had a link to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Mulder and Scully were known for investigating cases that ventured into the paranormal, unknown, and unexplained.  Most of the cases investigated by the two had them looking into the possibilities of UFO’s and extra-terrestrial beings visiting our planet.  Some other cases had them working on various other theories of conspiracies.  But many of their cases had them crossing paths with one of the series’ main antagonist, a mysterious man known as the Cigarette Smoking Man, among other aliases.  The Cigarette Smoking Man is a figure that represents upper level government agencies that are in place to secretly control our country.  They are known for various incidents from training Cuban nationals involved in the Bay of Pigs, to dealing directly with the likes of J. Edgar Hoover and Saddam Hussein, and even to purported theories to keep the Buffalo Bills from ever winning a Super Bowl.  But how do these secret government agencies and the Cigarette Smoking Man relate to the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

In one episode, it was shown that the Cigarette Smoking Man had a meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald to discuss his part in the assassination.  In the conversation the two had, Oswald refers to the Cigarette Smoking Man as Mr. Hunt.  Well perhaps the creators of the show wanted to incorporate their own theories of the Kennedy assassination into the show.  The Cigarette Smoking Man was then perhaps directly linked to the real life Mr. Hunt, that’s E. Howard Hunt.  Hunt, a former CIA agent, along with G. Gordon Liddy was heavily involved in the Watergate scandal and other secret CIA operations.  Hunt passed away in early 2007, but not before he left a damaging deathbed confession that he had first hand knowledge and named a few different individuals, including Lyndon Johnson, that were involved in the plot to kill John F. Kennedy. 

Of the few others that were implicated, one of them Cord Meyer, provides more intrigue and mystery.  Meyer was another CIA agent who was also involved in several other operations and also long thought to have been the infamous Deep Throat.  Meyer and his wife Mary Pinchot Meyer were known friends of John F. Kennedy and his wife as well as James Jesus Angleton (who’s life and actions were portrayed on film by Matt Damon in the film The Good Shephard).  Strangely enough the spouses of both Cord Meyer and E. Howard Hunt were killed in mysterious incidents.  Specifically, Meyer’s wife was shot and killed, one shot in the back of her head and another in her heart.  A few days later James Angleton was found breaking into the Meyer residence looking for Mary Meyer’s diary that contained details of a love affair between her and President John F. Kennedy.

In another strange twist, Meyer was invited into the CIA by Allen Dulles.  Dulles was the head of the CIA until he resigned under an angry President Kennedy over the botched Bay of Pigs incident orchestrated by Dulles and others in the CIA.  Dulles would later beg to be put on the Warren Commission that investigated the president’s death.

So all of this culminated in the accusation of Meyer being the one to organize the plot to assassinate the president under the behest of then Vice-President Johnson.  Other operatives that were named were Frank Sturgis, David Sanchez Morales, and David Atlee Phillips who were allegedly tied to mobsters and the Bay of Pigs investigation.  This confession by E. Howard Hunt, eventually had the fatal shots carried out by French assassin Lucien Sarti.  And if that name sounds familiar to you conspiracy theorist, he was also named as a gunmen in the British documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Not for nothin’, but I called this fictional because this is just one of the many “theories” behind the Kennedy assassination, all of which have no substantial evidence to support it.  So until any further evidence of an actual smoking gun, film, official documents, etc presents itself, we’re going to have to just take the theory of Lee Harvey Oswald being the lone gunman, as fact.

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