Major Havoc Erupts In India

Gunfire and terrorism errupts in Mumbai
Gunfire and terrorism erupts in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai on the western coast of India has been under siege over the past couple of days.  New reports have a death toll of at least 119 people over the past couple of days, and another 288 people have been injured.  It started Wednesday night when about two dozen armed men came into the city carrying AK-47’s and grenades.  The group had certain targets, shooting people, taking hostages, and blowing things up all along the way.  The gunmen attacked the headquarters of a Jewish outreach group and the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels.  

Indian commando forces are responding to the danger.  They are going to the hotels, going room-to-room fighting off gunmen and freeing hostages.  J.K. Dutt, the director for the Indian National Security Guard could not say exactly how many gunmen remained in the Oberoi hotel, but hostages have apparently been trickling out of the building for hours.  At the near by Tajhotel, officials believe that there is still one gunman left there, but he is either wounded or tired.  But the other focal point is at the Jewish center where a siege continues.  For hours only gunfire and grenades is what was received from anyone who attempted a counter attack, but some help may be on the way when a new jeep load of police, firetrucks and an ambulance showed up for assistance.

Mumbia, India is one of the most populated cities in the world.  At this point no one has claimed responsibility in the attacks.  Some say it could be al-Qaeda, while others say it could be Pakistan, but either way this group were incredibly well-prepared and dedicated at getting their task in causing as much havoc possible. 

Not for nothin’, but this was a damaging attack on the financial capital of India.  Obviously this doesn’t baudwell for business.  Not exactly what a world in recession could use at a time like this.  Again…financial terrorism.


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