Employee Trampled In Black Friday Madness

Black Friday worker trampled to death
Black Friday worker trampled to death

Black Friday is the day that anyone can celebrate, for many reasons.  Well for one its the day after Thanksgiving, and probably because of which, its a federally recognized holiday in its own right.  But its the day known for drawing millions and millions of people to malls, retail stores, department stores, etc all for the discounted prices that are offered for start of the Christmas season shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year.  Unfortunately this day has been marred with a black mark on such an exciting day for others.

When a suburban Wal-Mart in Long Island, N.Y. opened for business early on Black Friday, there were nearly two thousand shoppers waiting and then rushed in the doors in quite an unrulely manner.  A thrung of shoppers literally broke down the doors and knocked down a worker in the store.  A pregnant woman and three others were also injured in the craziness.  Nassau County police closed down the store, the worker was taken to the hospital where he later died, an hour just after the store opened.  The exact cause of death is unknown at this time.

Nassau County Police spokesperson, Lt. Michael Fleming has said that criminal charges are to be expected in this case.  Although there were hundreds in the area at the time, identifying or singling out individual shoppers would be difficult, but authorities are planning on reviewing surveillance video to perhaps help them pin it down on a person or persons.

Not for nothin’, but I know the prices and discounts are all something to get excited, but its not worth killing someone over.  There have been other reports throughout the years on Black Friday of death and other types of mayhem, even again this year two shoppers in Missouri were hit by a car in a parking lot.  Its a day similar to Halloween, where you know more people have the potential to be out, so we are all going to have to be a bit more vigilant and careful.  Not only that, but retailers should retool the system on the availability of merchandise so that the rush to get certain items and end as well. 


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