Tough Times For The “Teflon” Governor

Tough times for Blagojevich
Tough times for Blagojevich

The political walls for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  As if his political career wasn’t already in danger after his arrest on charges of political corruption Tuesday.  Blagojevich returned to work on Wednesday, but many, including President-elect Obama are distancing themselves from him and are are calling him to resign.  Proceedings for an impeachment is already underway, as many would expect, but it isn’t impeachment that Governor Blagojevich should worry about most for jail time is imminent for the executive.

At this time most of America, if not the world has heard the story of Governor Blagojevich.  The governor was arrested on Tuesday for attempting to sell the appointment of the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama in return for cash donations or another higher paying job for himself.  But what has everyone outraged is what was detailed in the criminal complaint.  Governor Blagojevich was caught on tape making blatant attempts through phone calls and other contacts to sell the open seat to the highest bidder, with many of the conversations not fit for publication with heavy redactions.

And with the previous unknown “Candidate Number 5” who was to allegedly pay one million dollars for the seat, now being identified as U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., we’ll have to wait and see if he can successfully distance himself from Blagojevich.  In a press conference on Wednesday Jackson confirmed he was the mysterious candidate, but also said he did nothing wrong and he was outraged to be linked to the case.

Now Representative Jackson, along with President-elect Obama are distancing themselves from the governor.  In addition to that, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois are circulating a letter for signatures to call for Blagojevich to step down.  Some officials in Illinois are calling for passage of legislation to allow for a special election, to take away the governor’s ability to appointment the position if he does stay in office.  Illinois state Rep. Jack Franks introduced a bill Tuesday that will bar indicted governors from making such appointments. 

Not for nothin’, but considering the political corruption abound in the United States, and particularly with the history with in the state of Illinois, the power to appoint a U.S. Senator should have never been given to one person.  That type of power breeds corruption.  The state of Illinois has a history of corruption involved in the history of its governor, the previous governor is already serving time of corruption while in office.  As politicians in the state and around the country are lining up to they have nothing to do with the allegations against Rod Blagojevich or any corruption, we all know it’s not going to end there. 


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