BREAKING: Remains Found Near Anthony House

Remains found near Anthony house
Remains found near Anthony house



Approximately 9:30am Thursday morning, a discovery was made by an Orange County utility worker in Florida of a trash bag with human remains inside.  Orange County Sheriffs Office said that the remains appear to be that of a small child and it is located just blocks away from the house of where Caylee Anthony’s grandparents George and Cindy reside.

Investigators are on scene now and cannot confirm the identity, age or gender of the remains.  Immediately because of the speculation, and the proxemity of the discovery to the house of where Caylee’s mother lived, many are believing that this is the body of Caylee Anthony.  Again, more DNA testing, autopsy and dental records would have to be taken before any determination  of a positive identification could be made. 

This comes on the same day when Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez was in court early this morning for a pre-trial hearing to ask for a continuance amongst other things.  The trial which was originally scheduled to go on for January 5, has been postponed indefinitely.  The next pre-trial hearing will be held on January 15.  Last week, Orange County State Attorney announced that they will not be seeking the death penalty against Casey Anthony if she were to be found guilty.  It is not known if this recent discovery will prompt them to change that decision.

Not for nothin’, but everyone’s going to have their guesses and their beliefs, but it still may be days, weeks, possibly months away before we know for sure.


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