Is Time Running Out For Casey’s Defene?

Investigators collect evidence from Anthony house
Investigators collect evidence from Anthony house

Casey Anthony’s defense team visited a couple different locations vital in their defense of their client on Saturday.  They also brought along with them a new addition to the team, a famous forensic scientist Henry Lee, who has worked on previous infamous cases those of O.J. Simpson and Jean Bennet Ramsey.  Together, they all went to the house, among other places, where Orange County deputies locked down all day on Thursday for crime scene processing after the discovery of human remains were found just a third of a mile from the house. 

The grandparents of the toddler, George and Cindy Anthony were barred from going to the house where they lived during the time deputies collected evidence.  They spent the night at an area hotel while deputies brought out several boxes and bags of items that were sent to FBI lab in Virginia. 

In the meantime more and more details are being revealed in the days after the discovery.  The defense team are now saying that the measurements of the bones and the hair color are a match with Caylee Anthony.  They were also told that the skull was discovered with duct tape wrapped around it. 

Orange County medical examiner and FBI forensics experts are saying that it could be at least another week before any conclusive DNA results are released.  But that fact isn’t stopping authorities and plenty of others from speculating that this is in fact what they’ve been seeking for the past six months. 

Not for nothin’, but time may be running out for Casey Anthony’s defense.  Her lawyers are in a desperate phase of trying to search every area where Orange County Sheriffs deputies searched previous, and are seeking to review any evidence they collected or didn’t collect.  Within two weeks investigators could have a positive identification of the body, a cause of death, and a manner of death.  They may be forced to plea.  The good news is, they still have at least a week before results come back.


6 thoughts on “Is Time Running Out For Casey’s Defene?

  1. Don’t forget Dr. Lee also worked the Phil Spector case where he was charged by the judge for distorying evidence found at the scene.

  2. i think the defense from casey try she same b.s.we in the o.j.simpson case.i trust all fbi and i think she know what she doing.

  3. Two weeks ago wasn’t Lee on tv saying that the smell from the car was from the food left in there like pizza, ham and other food stuffs? He is already on the band wagon as far as I can tell, the report came back no pizza in the car. I can see why the defense bozo wants him on the team.

  4. Mikka you are right. I think if I were the OCSO or the FBI. I wouldn’t want him anywhere near the evidence. Carol he was saying that, I’m pretty sure he was already on the defense team at that time. Thats how these people make a living. trying to poke holes in high profile cases.

  5. I dont think Casey will take a plea deal -because the State wont allow it – unless she fesses up completely and tells the entire story of how Caylee died and when and how she buried her.

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