Adam Walsh Case Now Solved

Walsh family at press conference
Walsh family at press conference

A case made famous 27 years ago, a case also partly made famous by Fox Television Network’s longest running show, America’s Most Wanted, the case of the six-year-old child, Adam Walsh, who was abducted and murdered in South Florida is now classified as solved.  Hollywood, Florida Police Chief Chadwick Wagner made the announcement with the Walsh family present that they have concluded that Ottis Toole was the person responsible for abducting and killing their six-year-old boy. 

Ottis Toole died back in 1996 serving a life sentence in prison for another crime.  Chief Wagner said that if he were alive, he would have been arrested and likely convicted for the murder of Adam Walsh.  The case has gone through various changes and turns as it has been unsolved for almost three decades.  There were a few others throughout the years that were thought of as being suspects, even infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dalmer, but Ottis Toole has always been the prime suspect.  Toole actually confessed to the crime twice but later recanted both times.  The boy’s father, John Walsh, always suspected him of being the one responsible.  He even had the niece of Toole tell him that her uncle confessed to it before his death.

Ottis Toole responsible for the death of Adam Walsh
Ottis Toole responsible for the death of Adam Walsh

Toole was quite the one of a kind type of serial killer.  It’s erie to know the connections he’s had to some of the other most prolific serial killers of our time.  He had admitted to several murders and is suspected in several more unsolved ones as well.  As a youth he was exposed to sexual behavior and satanic practices.  The two of which likely would have contributed to having a homosexual relationship with Texas  serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.  While in Raiford Prison in Florida, Toole briefly shared a cell with yet another infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Not for nothin’, but even though it took almost 30 years, lives are better knowing that this case is solved.  We can only wonder why authorities weren’t able to get themselves together years earlier to give the family a piece of mind knowing who did this to their loved one.


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