Caylee Tipster Called Months Ago

Evidence being collected at crime scene
Evidence being collected at crime scene

Considerable new developments continue to surface in the case of the missing toddler, now presumed dead by authorities, are surfacing as deputies continue to search for additional remains of a small child that were found last week near the residence of the Anthony family.  Orange County Sheriffs Office deputies say they have found “significant skeletal remains” in the search area.  Because of that they will expand their search and will like be a the scene through the weekend.  And in a more interesting twist, the utilities worker, a meter reader who made the initially call of human remains found at the location of Suburban Drive, alert the sheriffs office to the location several months ago three different times. 

The meter reader called deputies on three different days from August 11 – 13.  Deputies responded and cleared the scene twice.  On August 11, a deputy responded to the tip and didn’t find anything.  The next day after the next call by the same person to crimeline a detective noted that cadaver dogs had cleared the scene and didn’t find anything.  On August 13, after another call sheriffs communications center, a different deputy and a back up deputy responded, found nothing and cleared the scene.

The deputies in the initial search are being questioned.  The utilities worker is not being considered a suspect, and is being called a credible witness at this time.  Casey Anthony’s defense team spokesperson Todd Black has suggested that the worker should retain an attorney. 

Some of the remains that were found are now in a FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia pending positive identification.  It is said that the FBI are likely to have results within the week.  Casey Anthony faces life in prison if convicted.

Not for nothin’, but some things do not appear to add up either with this case or the investigative processes of the Orange County Sheriffs Office.  First the utilities worker went into the woods to relieve himself when he found the remains, now he knew it was there and alert authorities multiple times.  This new development gives the defense more strength.  We had to know that Casey Anthony could not have committed the perfect crime.  Either she actually did or she’s innocent.  The discovery of the remains so close to her home gives reason to believe that the crime wasn’t as perfect, but now that’s being called into question.  At a location that was less than a mile away from the house, something tells us that they had to have searched that area before, now we have proof that they did.  So I ask, is it the perfect crime, or is Casey Anthony innocent?


12 thoughts on “Caylee Tipster Called Months Ago

  1. Nancy,
    How do we know that this wasn’t the plan from the begining to make Caylee’s disappearance look like a kidnapping so that Casey herself would collect the ransom or reward for finding the child.
    That would make sense of her searching the missing childrens network and why she would need to chloroform the child, but instead things went wrong.
    Not that I am ruling anything out about the meter readers innocence, but since the reward was brought up, it may be that someone was in on this with her.
    Casey is a known scam artist. This might actually work to the benefit of the prosecuters instead of bashing their case after all. This could be her motive.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. As Neil Young sang-Here’s one more kid who will never go to school, who will never fall in love, who will never play the fool……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. Hello? Really? This meter reader called in a suspicious trash bag in the area three times? And he’s not a suspect? Really?

  4. so this guy called in the tip three tmes before?then meny months after the police fine nothing he just happens to have to go pee in the wood exactly where he led the police to before and nobody is questioning this?

  5. I thought i read that the area was under water at that time. One of the Anthony’s neighbor said it had just dried out. I don’t believe Casey could commit the perfect crime, but i do not think she is innocent either. Sad for Caylee.

  6. Your summary is incorrect. Officers responded only on the 11th and 13th, and without dogs. The tip called in on the 12th was closed out with NO action, no visit to the scene.

    The meter reader does not know Casey and is considered a credible witness. He is in no way a suspect, nor should he be. The things he did are things I would have done as an armchair detective. He is a hero in my book.

    And he didn’t just have to pee. He was in the area and decided to follow up on his earlier observation.

  7. This is just absurd! Casey has LIED from the beginning, her, her family and others have lied and changed stories from day one. I can’t imagine having a lost child for a minute, versus a month, before she even called police, and that was only due to her mom calling frantic to 911.

    This girl was seen in bars, at Target shopping with a than friends stolen checks, JUST MAKES NO SENSE. Let’s not even get into the lies about the “babysitter”, her job that she did not have and the fact that she NEVER ONCE went and looked for this poor child or gave truthful stories to help police. Even now sitting in a jail cell, she is playing cards, reading and eating and YES, SHE suuposedly had a breakdown for a day when they found the body, thats believed to be Caylee, but that has been the ONLY SIGN OF TEARS, REMORSE OR FEELINGS I have seen in 6 months.

    I think she is a psycho, spoiled brat, that stole, lied and manipulated most of her life, and she should pay the price on this, even if that means death.

    I dont belive she had help, I dont believe we will ever get the full story, and I as a parent feel terrible that this beautiful child was put to rest in a bag in a wooded area, like a bag of garbage, just tossed away.

    I THINK the parents are in denial of the loss of the baby and know what kind of person Casey was and I would love to know where she was going for almost a year, when she clearly had no job, that I am aware of, that even Mr. Anthony, I believe said, He NEVER heard Caylee mention this “NANNY” person, and having a child in day care as I do, my child speaks often of his events and caregivers at school.

    I blame her parents in a way for enabling this nut, when they should have taken her to court, termed her rights and raised the little girl themselves. Casey has said I did not want this baby, my mom made me have her. AND the dad of this baby, who is supposedly dead, I guarantee, she has NO IDEA WHOM the father is.

    I normally am not one to judge, but this has made me sick from june and I just want her to get what is coming to her.

  8. Its sounds fishy how they are not looking into the guy who found the bag. They are so focuse on the mom they don’t want to look at another person. Because to me its strange how this guy knows where to look and the police didn’t. Plus he new the right bag to look in. He tiped ploice about this months ago and its strange he waited so long before he look himself. Seem to me when the police did’t look he would have look sooner. This look like he had somehting to hide. I belive he had Caylee the whole time and just kill her when no one was looking to him as a suspect. Because all this time with everyone looking no one found nothing but after months went by he did. This case sounds funny to me. I bet if you look around his place you would find duck tape. He’s a utility worker wouldn’t he have duck tape.

  9. Thanks Alexis for the correction. I retrack and re-edit. No visit on the second call. Apparently it was a mistake by the detective marking that cadaver dogs had cleared the area.

    But nevertheless, the recent information regarding the meter reader allows not only the general public, but the defense to cast doubt and poke holes in the prosecutions case. The sad thing is that he probably is just an innocent bystander, and this will have to be chalked up to poor work done on behalf of the sheriffs office or Caylee didn’t put the body there.

  10. All I know is that even if the worst thing Casey Anthony did was to not call the police when her daughter went missing, then she should still be punished severely. A parent is supposed to take care of and be responsible for their child. Casey is apparently incapable of this. Her elaborate story of what happened was proof that she did not care for her daughter. If my child went missing I would be looking for her asap, not a month later and only because people kept pestering you about where she was. She did it and I really hope that the legal system pulls through for Caylee’s sake. She deserves justice. I applaud the person who didn’t give up on this. Thanks to him somebody will know where their missing baby is.

  11. That poor little girl!! Casey should burn in hell.How can the grandparents STILL be in denial?? That beautiful little girl!!what a waste!

  12. I dont know if anyone had help with this with casey or not, either way its gone so far, for so long, I am just glad the family can have closure,

    I just find the whole dam thing STRANGE. From her not reporting this kid missing, from her making up lie after lie, from the parents that knew something was wrong, then tried to retract that story with the car smell and all, way back when. The grandmother called 911 saying it smelled like a dead body, then said oh no it was old pizza!!! How can they not find her guilty, when she has lied, been uncooperative, gone for a month without telling a soul where this baby was,
    there was hair from the baby in the truck that showed death on the hair shafts, MAKES NO SENSE.

    UNFORTUNATELY, they may never know cause of death

    i hope this girl gets the death penalty, she was wrong from day one in how she handled this

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