The Death Of Caylee Anthony

Medical examiner announces findings
Medical examiner announces findings

After just over a week of speculation, Caylee Anthony was officially announced deceased.  This closes one chapter in this case, but there’s still much to be done.  The press conference held with members of Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Orange County Sheriffs Office, FBI, and medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia made the announcement early Friday afternoon in a press conference after the remains that were found last week were positively identified as that of Caylee Anthony. 

At this point, they are calling the manner of death a homicide, but the means has yet to be determined, Garavaglia said.  There was no trauma to the bones prior to death.  She also spoke on the bones, most of which were recovered, but were described as being completely skeletonized and disarticulated. 

As the case for all deaths investigated by law enforcement, a next of kin has to be notified to the immediate family before the identity is released to the public.  So in a twist, that notification went to Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony who is in jail charged with her murder.  The toddler’s remains will also be turned over to Casey Anthony, but she’ll likely sign it over to her parents.

Also on Friday, Orange County Utility worker Roy Marvin Kronk, spoke briefly on the discovery of the remains he found and the calls to Orange County sheriffs office months before. 

Now that the “where is Caylee” mystery has been solved, whether or not her mother Casey killed her has yet to be determined, as we were again reminded in the press conference that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  So the “who killed Caylee” mystery is what’s next.  Most of the evidence collected points to Casey, but time will tell how the prosecution proceeds with their case to prove that she intentionally killed her daughter.

Not for nothin’, but there’s still a lot more to go in this case and the prosecution has a lot to prove.  Knowing that death occurred is still a long way from knowing who did it or how it happened.


12 thoughts on “The Death Of Caylee Anthony

  1. Most of the evidence collected Doesn’t point to Casey…..ALL of the evidence collected points to Casey! I have yet to hear or see anything that points to anyone other than Casey, period!

  2. topcat08 I totally agree with you. Nothing we have seen points any other direction. The atty’s and their news conferences are to make you think that she could be innocent of killing her daughter. Sorry doesn’t wash, Casey was responsible for Caylee period and what did she do?
    Put her in garbage bags and threw her out like trash. And if she didn’t then why did she wait till her mother forced her to tell her where Caylee was after 31 days? And all that came out of her mouth were lies lies and more lies.

  3. A very sad day! RIP Caylee.
    I tried to post this but I could figure out how to , so if anyone would like to post this please feel free to.
    To Leave messages or flowers to Caylee Marie Anthony please go to then type in “Caylee Anthony” D.O.D 2008 this will take you to her page and you can leave message of love for her.

  4. For the sake of the devil’s advocate argument…

    The most significant piece of evidence is Caylee’s remains. They only thing that ties Casey is that she’s the child’s mother and it was found a few blocks away from the house. Outside of that, anyone else could have murdered Caylee.

    Tomcat, Carol, and anyone else who feels the same, it’s not the attorney’s press conferences that want to make us think she’s innocent, it’s the FACT that SHE IS INNOCENT until proven otherwise.

    We all know there are dozens, hundreds, thousands, probably more, that believes she’s guilty. To public opinion, she appears guilty of murdering or killing her child, but public opinion doesn’t matter. I must stress, we live in the United States of America. We’ve had nearly the same laws for over 200 years, CASEY ANTHONY IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY or at least until she admits guilt.

    Further more, the state of Florida has a case on their hands. They are trying to prove that Casey Anthony murdered Caylee Anthony. Having a body is still a long way away from proving murder. Murder means the INTENT TO KILL WITH MALICE. At this point I see nothing that leads to that conclusion. Grant it, all the evidence should be release during the trial phase, and perhaps that’s when we’ll find out more as to how they intend to prove murder. Otherwise they will have to stick with their manslaughter charge, in which case they will still have to prove Casey was negligent. All the more reason to wait for a trial. But until then, she is innocent of all of it.

  5. Today has been a sad day.I knew all along Caylee was in heaven but thinking it, and hearing it confirmed, are two different things.Caylee captured the hearts of many and she was loved.I can’t even come close to understanding how a mother can kill there own child..Put her a garbage bag like a piece of trash.Cruel,heartless and evil.Caylee is flying with the Angels now.Smiling and looking down..Rest in peace little one.God Bless You.

  6. If that witch was so innocent I dont think she would of lied from day one where she left her baby.She would of done alot more then take the police to false locations if she was so innocent,as most people that are innocent arent going to do things she did. She as a mother would of been so upset even if she knew the person that had Caylee. (if that had been the case) I sure didn’t see any sign of concern from this witch..Not one sign of feelings toward this little girl she called her daughter.I am sorry but a mother that loves her child that is innocent, does any thing they can to do what ever they have to do to find there child.Not lie and mislead the police.She maybe be innocent til proven guilty but she already proved her guilt and the jury is going to see it the same way.She derserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars..She is no more innocent then Scott Peterson was or Susan Smith.

  7. Why if she is not guilty, would she not have told someone that Caylee had been taken.
    If it were a accident and Caylee died, a natural mother would have called 911.
    She is as guilty as sin. If not she would come forward and tell what happened.
    I have the greatest disrepect for these wonderful
    lawers that she has hired. Shame on them! They don’t give a royal damn about Casey or Caylee. It’s all about seeing their names in the spot light!
    What a shame!!

  8. Seriously Brian, there’s no need for insults. It’s just a difference of opinion. Actually, let me correct myself, it’s a difference of my fact versus your opinion. I have the fact that no one is guilty of a crime until they have a court hearing. I have the fact that Caylee was killed by unknown means. I have the fact that much if not all of the evidence collected is circumstantial. You just have your opinion that she’s guilty. But, your opinion really doesn’t matter. Sorry, until March it’s an argument you can’t win.

  9. roy kronk was my stepfather i lived with him for 12+ years it was my mother that passed with cancer. In a way i think hes a credible witness i had a lot of hard times he helped me get through but when my mother passed he just left me and my sister and i havent heard from him in 2 years he just gave up on me i havent even talked to him. i just hope whoever did this to caylee pays for what they done and i can tell you they will find them at all cost.

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