Winter Off To A Strong Start

Coast to coast winter blast
Coast to coast winter blast

Bad weather is gripping the nation from coast to coast.  It’s causing all sorts of trouble for many to include retailers and holiday travelers who find themselves stranded at airports.  Snow being the more specific probably for states in the pacific northwest, to the midwest, and all the way to the northeast.  Not many have gotten a break over the past couple of days and it’s likely to continue until another couple of days.

In Iowa, state officials are expecting winds up to 35 miles per hour and wind chills of minus 25 days.  The region is already recovering from snow, sleet, and ice from a storm a day ago, the third in a week.  That system is expect to head northeast to an area that’s already seeing severe power outages from an ice storm from last week.  The storm that’s expected to hit there on Sunday will bring in another 10 to 16 inches of snow.  But many are fearing a blizzard that will be brought by hurricane force winds from the Pacific.  The area, not adjusted to snow, for they haven’t seen anything significant in years, but they are experiencing problems like the rest of the country.

And if it’s not snow, like what is blanketing much of the northern parts of America, then there’s rain and cold weather expected in the much rest of the country.  Temperatures are dipping to record lows in many places.  And if it’s not snowing where you’re at, expect rains to come.  Even sunny Las Vegas wasn’t immune, as they got three-inches of snow.  All of this, and the first official day of Winter is on Sunday. 

Not for nothin’, but it’s sunny and 80 degrees here in Florida.  I’m wearing a shorts and a hawaiian shirt.  It’s not bad everywhere.


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