Obama Report To Address Blagojevich Contact

Possible connection to scandal for Emanuel?
Possible connection to scandal for Emanuel?

A democratic official said on Sunday that President-elect Obama will release a report detailing the contact his transition staff has had with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Obama and his team, as well as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, has said all along that Obama was not involved in the case.  Other sources say that Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is not a target either.  But Sunday information surfaced that says Emanuel was in fact in contact with Blagojevich in the weeks after the election.

Exactly what kind of contact is unknown, but some speculate it was just one phone call placed to the governor himself, or several phone calls made to Blagojevich Chief of Staff John Harris.  Some sources allege that in the conversation Emanuel had with Blagojevich, the senate seat was mentioned, but Emanuel was pushing for Valarie Jarrett to fill the vacancy.  No deal was discussed for the vacant senate seat, just “appreciation.” 

Last week Governor Blagojevich said he was innocent in the federal charges he faces of conspiring to exchange the vacant senate seat left by President-elect Obama, for cash or job.  Obama’s report on the interaction his team has had with the accused governor will likely be made public sometime this week.

Not for nothin’, but this is just one attempt, but you have to know there are many out there who are longing to link Barack Obama to the Blagojevich scandal.


2 thoughts on “Obama Report To Address Blagojevich Contact

  1. Rahm-man has serious contacts with Blago. . . the Gov was not going to pick an Obama-approved senate replacement.

    BUT . . . What if Blago’s innocent and HIS HAIR IS CRIMINAL!

    The “hair-raising” truth about the pay for play scandal and the
    governor of Illinois.


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