Search For Clues In Plane Accident

Search for clues in plane accident
Search for clues in plane accident

A National Transportation Safety Board member announced Monday that the black box recovered from the the accident involving the plane in Denver, should help figure out exactly what caused the accident.  On Saturday, a Continental Airlines flight trying to take off suddenly veered off the runway into an adjacent ravine and burst into flames.  Although over three dozen people were injured, there were no fatalities.

NTSB member Robert Sumwalt said that a team of investigators will begin what is usually a three day process of deciphering what is on the voice recorders found within the cockpit’s black box.  According to Sumwalt, it’s too early in their investigation to identify exactly what the issue was, some believe part of it could have something to do with the crosswinds.  The tail rudder could have been used to counteract the winds that were at an estimated 31 miles per hour, but if the controls were relax, it could have caused the plane to veer off.  But even if that was a contributing factor, it likely wasn’t the only reason.

Monday investigators spent the day reviewing evidence collected at the site, inside and outside the plane, speaking with passengers and reviewing maintenance records.  They were also curious to look into what is know as perishable evidence, such as skid-marks in the snow that have the potential of not being there at a later time.  While there is no indication at this point of engine malfunction, NTSB says nothing is being ruled out as a cause. 

Not for nothin’, but this was the worst nightmare of airline travel for anyone who has flown on an airplane.  Luckily for 115 people who are fortunate to live through this accident, it will can continue to be a nightmare.


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