Obama Report Released In Blago Probe

No inappropriate contact between Blagojevich and Obama
No inappropriate contact between Blagojevich and Obama

As many of us, even to include U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and President-elect Barack Obama, have thought to be true that Obama nor his team had any inappropriate contact with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is being accused of trying to sell Obama’s vacant senate seat for cash or other personal gain.  

White House attorney Greg Craig released the report that detail the contact and said that Obama and his aides did not try to cut any deals with Blagojevich.  But it also read that Obama and two of his top aides met last week with federal investigators in case.  After releasing the report, Craig said in terms of communication and contact that he was satisfied that nothing inappropriate took place between the governors office and transition officials.

While no deals was discussed between anyone in between the two parties, Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who was said to have spoken with the governor, did speak to him about the Senate seat.  The report said Emanuel had four conversations with the governor’s chief of staff John Harris, and two conversations with the Blagojevich himself.  Craig said that Harris did not make any attempt to extract personal gain for the governor in any of his conversations.  Those conversations were “totally appropriate and acceptable,” Craig said on Tuesday.

Governor Blagojevich attorney Edward M. Genson, is also using this opportunity to help build his client’s case of his innocence, saying the report just corroborates it.  Since U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald released the investigation and Blagojevich was charged on December 9, he has claimed his innocence and rejected many calls for resignation.

Not for nothin’, but opposing critics are going to just have to try again somewhere else.  If all they can latch on to is “why wait so long to release it,” then they’re criticism is weak.  Not saying that Obama is squeaky clean (is anyone), but his isn’t the case for them.


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