Magic Of Movies, Or The Magic Of Christmas?

Movies are a holiday tradition
Movies are a holiday tradition

There is a correlation between the Christmas holiday season and movies.  It’s almost as prominent as the holiday music that’s constantly during this time of year.  But the relationship of movies and Christmas actually takes on a variety of forms.  For starters, five major films are being release on Christmas this year.  It has become tradition for many people in America to go to the movie theater on Christmas.  According to box office analysis, they bank on it, saying the audience is there because there’s no work or no school and everyone is usually looking for something to do after Christmas morning festivities and the holiday meal.  What better way then to take in a movie?

Movie magic?
Movie magic?

But that’s not the only way Hollywood plays (or has played) upon our Christmas cheer.  This evening millions of us are just finishing up on the marathon tradition of watching one of the most popular Christmas movies, A Christmas Story, that plays continuously on TBS.  But that by far isn’t the only movie we watch time after time again, every year.  Your “Christmas movies” are usually divided up three ways.  Those movies directly about the Christmas holiday, the movies that have a main plot that’s not entirely related to Christmas but are set during the Christmas holiday, and then there’s the movies that have nothing to do with Christmas and are played during Christmas time just because people are used to seeing them around Christmas.

Not for nothin’, but it’s just another reason why this is called, “the most wonderful time of the year.”  It’s the magic of movies, what they do to people, and simply just relating them to the holiday season allows for more cheer.  You’re either in a good enough mood to go see a newly released movie, or any of the plethora of movies during the holiday season are sure to put you in good spirits.  So is it the magic of movies or the magic of Christmas?  You decide.

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