Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 20-16

Not for nothin’, but we’re just at the tip of the iceberg for this year.  Let’s move on to what else moved and shook us this year. 

Not For Nothin’ Top 25 Stories of the Year:  (20-16)

#20 – Chinese Earthquake– Just days after one part of Asia was struck with massive deaths of a natural disaster, another major natural disaster struck in China.  This one came in the form of the 19th most deadliest earthquake of all time.  The Wenchuan Earthquake measured an 8.0 on the Richter magnitude scale and killed close to 70,000.  Five million people were left homeless in its wake. 

Joe the Plumber
Joe the Plumber

#19 –Joe The Plumber– This years election season gave us dozens of stories to keep us busy throughout the year.  But one guy became more than what he should have in the fall.  It could have been joked that “Joe the Plumber” had a better chance at winning the presidency than John McCain.  After an incidental man on the street meeting with Joe Wurzelbacher with Barack Obama, he found his name mentioned 26 times in the following debate between Obama and McCain.  Naturally he became an instant celebrity.  Joe, supposedly portraying the average American, would eventually allign himself with McCain and receive a firestorm of media criticism in his 15 minutes of fame.  This type of hype has gotten people to higher places, but lets hope we do not have to hear from Joe the Plumber again.

#18 – O.J. Simpson Trial, Again– The law caught up with O.J. Simpson this year.  On October 3, he was convicted of robbery, burglary, assault, kidnapping and other felony related crimes in an attempt to retrieve items he said were his from a Las Vegas hotel.  Simpson was already made famous from being one of the best professional football players in history, and made infamous by being acquitted of double murder in the mid 90’s.  He was sentenced in December and will likely spend the next decade in prison.


#17 – Twilight– Fans, moviegoers, and excited teenage girls were all apart of the phenomenon this year know as Twilight.  What was initially released as a series of books and became hugely popular, Twilight was made into a feature length film.  Scores of people brought the movie in with a bang that had a hand in reinventing the vampire myth for 2008.  The film’s young stars became instant icons and for weeks late in the year there was hardly any movie, actor, or actress more talked about.  I guess the good news for some is that, there’s a chance this could be on next year’s list.

#16 – 2008 Hurricane Season – This year, we saw some deadly hurricanes, both of which seemed to have focused on an area already ravaged by Hurricane Katrina just a few years prior.  Hurricane’s Gustav and Ike, both thought by some to be the second coming of Hurricane Katrina, were quite damaging in their own right.  While not as deadly and destructive as Katrina, the two of them combined for close to 300 deaths and $40 billion in damage to the Caribbean and U.S. Gulf Coast.

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