Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 15-11

Not for nothin’, but this year (in review) is just getting started.  The best stories have yet to come.  Next topic!

Not For Nothin’ Top 25 Stories of the Year:  15-11

#15 – Governor Eliot Spitzer Scandal – The first governor’s scandal of the year came to us from New York.  The mysterious “Client-9” of the prostitution service Emperors Club VIP, was identified as Governor Eliot Spitzer.  For the tryst with the woman identified as Ashley Dupre that took place in Washington, D.C., Spitzer paid for travel from New York, transportation to/from hotel, hotel expenses, and room service.  All of this in addition to the $4,300 paid for the service of the female.  He resigned a week after the scandal broke.

#14 – Gas Prices – 2008 saw one of the largest swing in gas prices that any single year has seen in decades.  At one point this year prices were the highest in years, but at another point prices were the lowest in years.  Around Memorial Day, some motorist were paying as much as $6 a gallon for gas.  While it wasn’t that high everywhere, it wasn’t uncommon to see gas at close to $5 a gallon at many place around the country.  But on the last weekend of the year, some of us are seeing prices below $1.50 a gallon with a national average of $1.64 a gallon.  The lowest it’s been since February 2004. 

TV achor beaten to death
TV achor beaten to death

#13 – TV News Anchor Beaten To Death – The country was rocked when we heard of the brutal beating of a television news anchor in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The 26-year-old Anne Pressly, was savagely beaten by a then unknown attacker within inches of her life.  She would succumb to her injuries and passed away within the week.  Within the month, police built a case and named a suspect.  Curtis Vance was arrested on November 26.  No motive was given, but burglary was suspected. 

Heath Ledgers Joker impresses
Heath Ledger's "Joker" impresses

#12 – The Dark Knight’s Fallen Star- At the time of his death, actor Heath Ledger just finished with the movie The Dark Knight.  His death, if anything fuel buzz on the movie and had audiences worldwide eagerly awaiting one of Ledger’s final performances.  Ledger was already one of Hollywood’s most promising stars, but he could have been looking at new heights after the release of The Dark Knight.  The film went on to be the highest grossing movie of the year and in the top five of movie gross of all time.  And for a movie of this genre to receive Oscar buzz is usually unheard of, but Heath Ledger’s performance is changing that.  He’s been nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe.  An Academy Award nomination is likely immenent. 

 #11 – Russian Georgian War – There’s always cause for alarm when a nuclear-armed country gets involved in a military conflict.  Neighboring countries of Russia and Georgia found themselves in a five-day war in early August.  Tensions between the two countries were strained every since Georgia broke away when the Soviet Union collapsed and Georgia declared their independence.  But tensions essentially turned into war over a conflict between two regions of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  The two of them wanted to be recognized as independent themselves, but Georgia didn’t want that.  The situation wasn’t helped when superpower Russia took the side of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  Georgia would eventually move forces into the South Ossetia capital, just to be ousted by Russian military forces a few days later.  That’s when other Russian military forces began marching into Georgia on another front.  The two sides would eventually come to a peaceful solution…for now.

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