Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 10-6

 Not for nothin’ but the next stories have the ability to be among the most memorable news stories for the next decade.

Not For Nothin’ Top 25 Stories of the Year:  10-6

#10 – Polygamist Ranch Bust – In one of the most talked about stories of the year was when at least 130 women and over 400 children were removed from a polygamist compound in Texas.  All of the children were placed in state custody because a judge said they were in danger of being abused.  Authorities raided the YFZ Ranch owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FDLS), a Mormon branch that practiced polygamy and allegedly forced teenage girls into sexual relations and marriages.  There were several teenage mothers and pregnant teens among those removed.  The comound’s former leader and founder Warren Jeffs was already serving time for charges of incest, rape, and other related charges.  The children were later returned to their families after a court ruling overturned the originly saying no threat was being posed.
The missing Caylee Anthony
The missing Caylee Anthony

#9 – The Search For Caylee AnthonyThis story captured thousands across the country.  But then again, why wouldn’t it.  It first came as a mystery, a two-year-old child went missing in Orlando.  On top of that, the child’s mother Casey Anthony neglected to report her missing, up until her mother call the authorities.  What took place afterwards was investigators would have to work around a boundless amount of lies and deceit from the child’s mother Casey.  All of which did not look good for her and led up to Casey being indicted for the murder of her daughter Caylee.  Six months after Caylee was last seen, her remains were found in a wooded area.  The only mystery that’s left is, will Casey be found guilty of the death of her child?  Well, we shall see.

 #8 – Mumbai Terror Attacks – India would find itself in the grip of terrorism.  Ten terrorist unleashed an assault on the country’s financial capital, killing 164 people and injury hundreds others.  The attack came from gun fire, grenades, and other types of explosive devices.  The attackers primarily focused their assault on two hotels, but it wasn’t limited to hotels as people in markets and train stations also had to run for their lives.  In the end, after the three day long siege, one lone gunman was captured.  At this point the attack was likely spawned from a Pakistani based terrorist organization.  The relationship between India and Pakistan was already strain, and this perhaps could have been the last straw.

#7 – Big Three Automobile Bailout– Collateral damage in the years global financial crisis, this year proved to be quite the turbulent year of auto makers in America.  The big three of Ford, Chrysler and GM saw their sales plummet so low that they did the same as some other industries this year and sought out help from the federal government.  Price of oil from years previous was high.  That combined with the loss in sales from the big three’s bread and butter of the sports utility vehicles because of the gas prices really hurt the industry.  It didn’t get any better with the recession and credit crunch.  It was essentially the perfect storm for the industry to fall behind.  The year ended with the respective CEO’s going to capitol hill asking for part of the rescue bill that was passed months earlier.  The problem will likely extend into 2009, and may see this list next year.

The rise of piracy
The rise of piracy

#6 – The Rise of Piracy– Its been a long time since piracy on the high seas was an international issue.  This year pirate attacks have been one of the most talked about concerns on a worldwide level.  There was a 75 percent increase in attacks from last year.  The word piracy took on new meaning, specifically in the area off the coast of north Africa and in the Indian Ocean.  The pirates, usually from the lawless country of Somolia, had seized over 100 ships from millions of dollars in ransom money.  No ship was sacred as their attacks got bigger and bigger making the whole world take notice.  Worldwide efforts would soon join in the fight to help combat the new pirates.

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