Number One Story To Bring In The New Year

New president, new year
New president, new year

 The Number One Story of 2008:  Barack Obama Wins the Presidency

The number one story of 2008 will be bringing our nation and our world into the new year.  Just weeks into 2009, Barack Obama will be taking office and starting off the new year for us, and hopefully a new era.  As if taking the whole United States election season and making it a history making event wasn’t enough, Barack Obama will seemingly start out his new year, his new administration, our new government, and our renewed nation off with a bang.

The race between the democrats and republicans in 2008 was like none other ever seen in our nation’s history.  One side there was the longtime senator and very well respected John McCain.  And on the other side, the democrats nominated Barack Obama, a junior senator from Illinois, who many argue what he lacked in experience more than made up for in charisma and hope.  Turbulent it was to say the least, but in the end, America decided to go with the change that Obama represented.

So here we are at the beginning of the year, what are we to expect.  Lots of questions that only the time of an unfolding year can answer.  Will Obama’s presidency be what many people expect it to be?  Will we see new leaders in our political system to aide the new president in his quest?  Will Burris and Kennedy be our next two senators?  Will America continue in the war in Iraq?  How about the financial situation?  Will that get any better?  Will our country make its way out of recession?  Will confidence, jobs, and money be  restored in our economy?  What new mysteries will be uncovered and discoveries made?  Will European scientist succeed in making their collider come to life?  Will Earth as we know it end because of which?  Will Heath Ledger win a posthumous Oscar?  Will Brad and Angelina have another kid?

Not for nothin’, but 2009 is here, and all of these questions will be answered in due time.  This is what gives everyone the reason to raise glasses and toast to a new year.  It’s always exciting to see what it will bring.

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