Team Blago Vs. Team USA

Burris contends for senate seat
Burris contends for senate seat

More and more it’s beginning to look like Governor Rod Blagojevich is on his own.  Fortunately for him he managed to bring in Roland Burris on his side by appointing Burris to a seat on the United States Senate.  The unfortunate part about it is that it looks like there’s no one else on their side.  Burris is quite adamant that the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Obama is his, but days after Blagojevich made the appointment Burris still find himself trying to convince people of which. 

In order for Burris to be certified as the Senator-designate, signatures from the governor and secretary of state are required.  Of course Blagojevich has given his consent, but Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White refused to give his signature.  That will and has provided the U.S. Senate with the justification to refuse to sit Burris.  And on Monday, Secretary of the United States Senate Nancy Erickson did exactly that as she refused to accept Burris’ certificate of appointment to the Senate.

But even as Burris insist that he has the law on this side and that the seat is rightfully his, you have to know that considering the state at which the appointment came, a certain number of people will have a problem with that.  People like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said that the seating will not happen because the United States Constitution states that “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members.”  Reid and other senators have said previously that they will refuse to sit anyone appointed by the embattled Governor Blagojevich, even before Burris was appointed.  It looks like they are sticking to their guns. 

Not for nothin’, but this battle for the U.S. Senate seat will likely go on well past the time when all new Senators will gather to be sworn in, which will be noon on Tuesday.  Every since these charges against the governor surfaced and he proclaimed his innocence we had to know that this would be immenent.  After all, he is still the governor of the state and can act like it and fulfill duties that a governor should.  If you don’t like it then get along with the processes of impeachment and have him removed.  Until then, expect Blagojevich to do what ever he please, so long as it’s in the eyes of the law (or in his case at least one eye).


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