Senate Democrats Off To Dramatic Start

Burris and Franken battle for seats
Burris and Franken battle for seats

As if the drama on Election Night wasn’t enough, that was just the beginning of the latest edition of “As The Senate Turns.”  Elections were won and lost throughout the nation in November.  The Senate as well as the House convened on Tuesday for our nation’s new 111th Congress.  There were 54 new Congressmen and nine new Senators that were sworn-in.  But most of the talk was not on the who’s who, or who was there, but more importantly, who wasn’t there.

Specifically we all know who we are talking about.  And they are Roland Burris and Al Franken, the two Senate seats that are still held in controversy.  Both democrats have apparently at this point either won their seat, or have been appointed.  But there are still plenty of people who want to have their say.  But in the end, will it matter?  Meanwhile there are still others such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who have yet to relinquish their seats.  But those aren’t as tumultuous as the previously mentioned two.

Al Franken has apparently won the Senate seat in Minnesota against Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.  After two months of recounts, missing ballots, and challenging ballots counted Franken has a 225 vote lead and it will likely stay that way.  The final hurdle he faces though, is of course his challenger Coleman.  Some have looked to Coleman to concede, but he is considering a lawsuit to challenge the outcome.

And as for Roland Burris, who actually made his way to Washington for the swearing-in ceremony, he was still blocked from going in and taken his place in the Senate that was promised to him by Governor Blagojevich.  Many people still feel that the selection by Blagojevich has been tainted because of his possible pending criminal charges.  But there are others who blame democrats for that as well because there were opportunities to remove him from office or set a special election, neither of which were done.  So the governor remains free to fulfill any duties as governor he pleases, including selecting a successor to the vacant Senate seat.

So as the two of them come down to the wire, the questions remain.  Will Norm Coleman pursue a lawsuit to prevent Al Franken from taking office?  Will the Senate uphold promises of barring any appointee of Blagojevich from taking office?  Both are likely to be upheld as legal as any opposition may be a longshot. 

Not for nothin’, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that nothing will stop Franken or Burris from obtaining the seat.  Let them have it and lets move on.


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