Is There A Clear Champion?

BCS controversy continues
BCS controversy continues

The College Football National Championship game could not be played Thursday night without a bit of controversy.  Afterall, if you ask some people the meaning of BCS is controversy.  But as ranked #1 Oklahoma Sooners went against the #2 ranked Florida Gators in Miami, some people believe that the National Championship should have already been given to the Utah Utes, the nation’s only undefeated football team of this season.

Since 1998 when the Bowl Championship Series, or commonly known as the BCS, has been in place there have been criticism with how the system has selected the teams to compete for the BCS National Championship.  Teams are have computer generated rankings.  It’s almost like science, but every year there there seems to be some type of controversy over which team should be the rightful number one team and which team should be the National Champions.  Well 2008 was no different. 

Two other teams other than the previously mentioned Utes wish to stake a claim for the number one spot.  In usually college football season ending fashion, there’s always the debate on who beat who, how many one-loss teams, and who is the real champion?  Well (hope you’re taking notes), the two teams in the BCS Championship game both have a loss.  One of the teams, Oklahoma, lost to Texas who was another one loss team.  But Texas lost to Texas Tech who lost to Ole Miss, which was the only team to beat the other BCS National Championship team, the Florida Gators.  Well that leaves USC who were another one-loss team, who beat their BCS bowl game opponent.  But their loss came to Oregon State, who lost to Utah who were the only undefeated team, but finished the season ranked at #6.  We can play this game for days.

To make matters worse, this year things are getting political.  Late in the general election season, Barack Obama, now President-elect Obama, mention the idea of flexing some political muscle to get a college football playoff system.  Also just recently, the Utah Attorney General is the latest person to threaten a lawsuit for a college football playoff system.  Is it really that serious?  Its just a game, right?

Not for nothin’, but while a playoff system sounds nice, I don’t think it’s ideal.  Not only that, it will not be perfect and somewhere along we’ll hear cries for its abolishment as well.  Nothing is perfect, no one will be happy either way.


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