This Day In Television

Kiefer Sutherland at the Golden Globes
Kiefer Sutherland at the Golden Globes

With the season premiere of Fox’s 24 and 66th Golden Globes Awards on NBC, Sunday will likely be one most watched television days of the year.  This day in television will be one like no other.  Well, coincidentally, this day in television will definitely be one that didn’t happen last year.  January 13, 2008 was the day that millions of people around the country were eagerly awaiting the season premiere of 24.  January 13th of last year was also the day that the Golden Globes were not televised live.  Both due to the same reason, the Writers Guild of America Strike in 2007-08.

The 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike happened when over 12,000 writers from stage, screen, TV and radio collectively sought to correct financial injustices they felt, including what they felt from behalf of large studios.  The strike started on November 5, 2007 and ended February 12, 2008.  Within that three month period hundreds of employees were fired, revenue lost, viewership declined, and nearly all scripted shows were stopped. 

The second half of many television shows were either postponed or written off altogether.  In the case of 24, it was postponed because they wanted to ensure a non stop season, which was a trademark of the shows format.  To the dismay of millions of fans, there was no season, not even a shorten or reduced one of 24.  The show would eventually have a 2-hour prequel to help offset the delay and scheduled its premiere of its 7th season in 2009.

The live broadcast of the Golden Globes, on the other hand, were cancelled altogether.  A week prior to the day the awards ceremony was supposed to take place, it was announced that due to the writers strike that the live show would be cancelled.  They instead opted for a press conference announcing the winners of the awards. 

Not for nothin’, but it’s fortunate that television audiences across America were able to get what they want this time around.  The 7th season of 24 will likely be a success with fans and the Golden Globes should be exciting for others seeking to cheer on the best in movies and television.  I know we’re only a couple weeks deep, but already this year seems better than the last.  Well, at least until the next strike.

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