Unsolved Mystery, Not So Mysterious

Pilot who faked his own death captured
Pilot who faked his own death captured

It managed to hit the mysterious page and made many of us wonder, “what happen to financial manager and pilot Marcus Schrenker?”  Well it was a mystery that was short-lived.  After a plane crash in Florida and a vanished pilot, answers hard to find when after a day had passed and Schrenker was no where to be seen.  But the mystery would find conclusion when he would eventually be found at a campsite in Florida.  He would then be charged with crimes he was facing that caused the bizarre behavior.

Mark Schrenker was essentially a financial adviser by day and a daredevil pilot by night.  But teams for the wealthy adviser were becoming hard.  He had been served with court papers on December 31, his step-father had recently passed away, and to add to his drama his wife had also filed for divorce.  The law was starting to catch up with Schrenker as he apparently swindled many of his clients.  He was served papers two weeks ago on December 31.  He knew his time was limited.  That’s when likely decided to pull this desperate and odd escape plan, to escape from his life troubles.

Sunday evening, Schrenker took off in his Piper Malibu airplane from Indiana to Florida.  Along the way, Schrenker reported problems in flight.  He reported that his windshield had imploded and that he was bleeding profusely.  Hours later his crashed plane was found in Florida and he was gone.  What authorities quickly surmised is that his distress call was staged and in an elite daredevil move, he parachuted in mid-flight over Alabama and allowed the plane to go on in auto-pilot mode until it ran out of fuel and crashed.  What Schrenker did next is what led investigators to believe he was attempting to fake his death.  He then went to a motel in Harpersville, Alabama where he checked in under a false name, stayed the night and went to a storage facility he rented the day before to pick up a red Yamaha street bike which he used to flee the area.

His plan of faking his death may have worked out if his plane made it to the Gulf of Mexico where it could have been likely that no body would have been found, and if he wasn’t under investigation for fraud, and if he didn’t send an apparent suicide note to a friend, and if he wasn’t found in a Florida campsite with slashes to his wrists, and he didn’t leave his wet clothes behind to be found, and if traces of blood were found in the cockpit from his reported bleeding, and if he wasn’t as experienced in flying, and if…well, on second thought, maybe his plan wouldn’t have worked out.

Not for nothin’, but you can easily file this in the “what was he thinking” file, but it looks more appropriate for the, “he wasn’t thinking at all” file.  Marcus Schrenker fell into financial troubles, similar to thousands of people around the country.  He decided to handle his financial troubles illegally which got him in trouble.  To me it looks like incredible greed took over his life.  The same greed that got the likes of Bernard Madoff in trouble.  Yeah, these guys were in a bad way and could have lost millions, but they could have managed and still lived a life considerably better than the life that millions of other people live.  A couple months ago I could say I wish I had their troubles.  I don’t want to say that now.


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