Former Cop Arrest In Fatal Shooting

22-year-old fatal shot in the back
22-year-old fatal shot in the back

Former police officer for the Bay Area Rapid Transit Johannes Mehserle, who was accused of shooting an unarmed man in the back, was arrested for homicide late Tuesday.  Mehserle allegedly fatally shot 22-year-old Oscar Grant in the back on New Years Eve after breaking up a fight.

Johannes Mehserle, a transit officer in Oakland, was said to have shot the 22-year-old black male in the back while he was lying on his stomach on the train platform.  Grant and others were pulled off the train after a New Years Eve celebration when police were looking into a fight that took place.  Several people shot cell phone video of the incident, which is now being circulated around the Internet, where it was shown that Grant was shot in the back by Mehserle. 

Johannes Mehserle is a white male, and he is accused of shooting a young unarmed black male.  It seems natural that those facts will not settle well with the Black community.  Outrage over the incident was sparked almost immediately as various different protest were planned throughout the Bay area, with some of the protest turning to the verge of an all out riot.  One incident got over a hundred people arrested and well over 300 business damaged. 

Alameda County district attorney Tom Orloff spoke at a press conference announcing the charges calling it “an unlawful killing done by an intentional act.”  Mehserle was arrested Tuesday night in Lake Tahoe where he surrendered through his lawyer and is in preparation to be transported back to California.

Not for nothin’, but it might be in Oakland’s best interest to have former officer Mehserle convicted for murder.  As history has shown us, we’ve seen racial tensions between police officers in California and the Black community there boil over to a violent point a few times.  Many of us remember the deadly shootout between the Black Panthers and the police.  Unfortunately this isn’t the first unlawful shooting of a Black person and it probably will not be the last.  But just know if there’s no conviction, expect about 35 percent of the population to be really unhappy.


2 thoughts on “Former Cop Arrest In Fatal Shooting

  1. Put those social losers of society who rioted and damaged all that property of those WORKING CLASS americans in Oakland in Iraq and Afghanistan and let them fight for justice since they are worthless in this country, all they want to do is cause damage to property of others!
    Everyone thinks this guy Oscar was an Angel after his death. What the hell were the police there for in the first place…A FIGHT THAT OSCAR AND HIS BUDDIES WERE INVOLVED IN.

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