When Democrats Butt Heads

Pelosi, Obama disagreeing
Pelosi, Obama disagreeing

If you ask many people, the outgoing Bush republican administration has led the country in the wrong direction.  The direction got cloudy when democrats took control of Congress in 2006.  Having a republican administration with a Congress controlled by the opposing party would make naturally seem that legislation would have a difficult time making it through especially if the two sides cannot come to even ground.  Well if we had a democratic administration and a democratic controlled Congress it should be a cakewalk, right?  Well…perhaps not.

This is what political parties desire whenever an election comes around, having a president and a majority of Congress of the of the same party.  So democrats were particularly excited to have Barack Obama in office, or any democrat for that matter.  But now we see that people, same party or not, can’t agree on everything.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to differ from the president-elect on at least two different issues, tax increases and investigation of the Bush administration.

President Bush’s tax cuts for those who make more than $250,000 is set to expire in two years.  On Sunday, Pelosi would like to use the advantage to have Congress consider repealing that, but Obama has recently said that he’d rather let it expire.  Pelosi also said that she wants an investigation into whether the Bush administration broke laws when a group of federal prosecuters were fired by them.  Obama’s response is that he wants “to look forward, as opposed to looking backwards.”

Not for nothin’, but this is as far as it should go.  When it comes to actual legislation that will be voted on, it’ll be nice to see the two sides agree all of the time.  We’ve had the past two years for Congress to disagree with the president, that shouldn’t have to happen any longer.  You can say you disagree all you want, but don’t vote that way.


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