Obama Excitment Out-Do MLK Day?

Can Obama out-shine MLK Day?
Can Obama out-shine MLK Day?

Can someone who has meant so much to so many people, not just in our country, but worldwide be forgotten on a day set aside to remember him?  Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments are among the most cherished in our nation’s history.  He is one of the primary reasons why our nation is the way it is today.  Even though he wasn’t a president or even an elected official, his impact far surpassed many who took office.  In fact, if many could do it over again, they’d put his face on Mount Rushmore in addition to the other four presidents. 

In the most anticipated Presidential Inauguration in the past few decades, and possibly the most anticipated one ever, Barack Obama will take office at noon on Tuesday.  Millions will be in attendance, and millions more to be watching around the world.  But as many as there are going to Washington or preparing their own way for the big day tomorrow, what about the big day today?

I could joke that one thing most African American’s are doing this weekend is either going to the movies to see the bio-pic Notorious or going to Washington for the Inauguration.  But how true is that?  If not the first, then the second part of it.  Many of the people who we normally expect to be around our cities and towns to organize Martin Luther King Day celebrations, parades, and services are indeed out of town at the Inauguration.   

The day is being marked however by many who are around, and even those in Washington D.C., are finding some way to take part in the meaning of the day.  President-elect Obama himself has called a commemoration of MLK Day as a service day, challenging Americans to public service.  But then again, it’s hard not to link this day together with what will happen tomorrow.  Today marks a historic day in the history of our country, but tomorrow marks a just as historic day in our country’s history.

Not for nothin’, but how can someone so important be forgotten, or take a backseat to anyone?  Easy, have his dream come true.  What better way to remember him.


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