Obama’s First Day

President Obama in the Oval Office
President Obama in the Oval Office

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle spent much of the evening into the morning hours at Inaugural Balls.  But I have a feeling that no matter how late he stayed up partying, nothing would stop him from taking his place in the Oval Office on the morning of his first full day as President of the United States. 

Indeed President Barack Obama took his office at 8:35am and spent the first few minutes alone reading a note left to him by the previous president, George W. Bush, before Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel arrived to get him started on his day.  Shortly thereafter, Obama and his wife attended a traditional Prayer Service.  The fun and ceremonial stuff would seemingly end there.

His morning and early afternoon was filled with telephone calls to directly address one of the most pressing conflict’s abroad in the Middle Eastern, Gaza Strip.  He called the leaders of Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine to, if anything, show his determination to work with them to ensure a continued cease-fire and some type of mutual ground for all.  To continue efforts on Middle East affairs, Obama, Vice-President Biden, Emanuel and others held a meeting to discuss Iraq and Afghanistan.  It wasn’t too long before an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay began to circulate. 

The day further consisted of the swearing-in of several cabinet members, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Obama imposed a pay freeze on several White House aides who made over $100,000.  He also signed executive orders on Executive Branch ethics.  A White House open house with 200 selected invitees was held, which the president attended.  And last but definitely not least, Obama was briefed on the economy by several directors within his administration.  A busy first day first day it was, but truthfully as impressive a day it was, I was already impressed.

Not for nothin’, but let’s reference the picture again…

No, this is not a screenshot from Fox’s hit television show 24, this is an actual black man sitting at the desk in the Oval Office.  Truely, impressive. 


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