Somebody Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves, But Who?

Girls of the Dallas Academy basketball team
Girls of the Dallas Academy basketball team

High school athletics is a part of many secondary learning institutions around the United States.  In addition to being a test of skill and competition, it allows students to learn things that may not be exclusive to the classroom environment, such as physical skills and teamwork.  In one girls’ high school basketball game in Dallas, Texas last week, both teams came away with a whole new learning experience.  What happened in this game wasn’t a fight that broke out, or some other type of on the court controversy.  The game between the Dallas Academy and their opponents, The Covenant School, was pretty simple.  Both teams played the game, one team lost and the other team won, just like any other game.  But one thing that separates this game from any other game is that the end result was a score of 100 to 0.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking.  Damn, what was that team doing on the court?  They must be pretty bad, or the other team really good.  What are they doing on the court if they can’t even compete?  That’s really, really embarrassing for the team who couldn’t even score one basket!  Well what if I told you this team hasn’t won a game in five years.  What if I told you that they really haven’t come close to winning a game in a really long time.  What if I told you that most of these girls on this team never played basketball before they signed up for their varsity team.  What if I told you that this team only has eight of the school’s 20 students on the team.  What if I said that the school is a school for students with learning disabilities.  Who’s embarrassed now?

After the game the Dallas Academy Bulldogs Athletic Director didn’t get mad at his team for receiving one of the worst blow-outs in high school sports history, nor did he have any postgame blow-ups the likes we’d see from Bob Knight or Jim Mora.  Instead, Jeremy Civello said he was proud of his team.  “They played as hard as they could to the very end.  They played with their hearts,” he said after the game.  But overall, the girls had good spirits, even after they saw that the game wasn’t getting any better.  So they took away with them as a learning experience and worked on what they could during the game.

Since then, the winning team, The Covenant School, issued an apology statement saying it was shameful and embarrassing.  They have also submitted a forfeit request saying that, “a victory without honor is a great loss.”

Not for nothin’, but scoring a 100 points against a team who couldn’t not score once doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better than them.


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