Mayor With A Case Of The Blagojevichs

Yet another politician in scandal
Yet another politician in scandal

The mayor of Portland, Oregon refuses to resign after several calls for him to do so after the state’s attorney generals office have begun an investigation into a sexual affair he took part in.  Mayor Sam Adams admitted he lied and asked a teenage boy to lie about their sexual relationship.  Adams, who was recently elected mayor, publicly apologized last week about the affair he had with an 18-year-old man three years ago.  Allegations that the teen was 17 when the affair started surfaced in 2007 and Adams denied it then, but recently he came clean saying the teen was at the age of consent at the time.

In an almost Gov. Blagojevich fashion, Adams gave a similar line that we may have heard before, “Tomorrow I go back to work as your mayor.”  He continued, “I believe I have a lot to offer,” he said in a statement on the affair. 

But now before you lump him with your Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards or Bill Clinton who were politicians involved in extramarital affairs, or even the Mark Foley or Larry Craig types who have been known to have homosexual affairs, lets take a closer look at the case of Mayor Sam Adams.  The unmarried Mayor Adams is the first openly gay mayor of a top U.S. city.  He had came off a long term relationship with another gay man when he said the affair with the teenager started.  So being that gay men aren’t allowed to be married in the state of Oregon, Adams would have legally been free and clear to see, date and have flings with whoever he wanted, just like anyone else.  But also like everyone else, we have to be mindful of age differences which in this case has people miffed.

The teenager in question, legislative intern Beau Breedlove, was 17 when the two met.  Both say that the relationship went physical after he turned 18.  That was enough to garner support for Adams as over 400 showed up for a rally on his behalf.  Still others such as several newspapers and the police union are calling for his resignation.  Much of the city still remains divided though.

Not for nothin’, but politician and scandal are really starting to become synonymous.  It isn’t clear if politicians are getting involved in mischievous doings more or are they getting caught more often.  This latest case is intriguing to say the least.  Is Adams just a regular man trying to get by like everyone else?  Or is he borderline child rapist and should be classified with rest of the adulterous, thieving, conniving politicians that we have come to know?  Unfortunately, he did lie about it, but later came clean.  Will that be enough?


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