Talky Tina. Chucky. Voodoo Casey?

Casey Anthony voodoo doll
Casey Anthony voodoo doll

We love our killer doll stories from films and television.  They were always so popular among the kids because the dolls were so cute, but popular with everyone else who had an interested in twisted horror stories.  Well, the likes of the famous Talky Tina from The Twilight Zone and the beloved, but horrific Chucky from Child’s Play may be standing in line behind some stiff competition.  An artist out of New Orleans is selling accused child killer Casey Anthony voodoo dolls on the Internet auction site Ebay. 

The artist, who is remaining unidentified, said he/she is a studied, practiced and renound Spiritual Healer, Gemologist and Jeweler.  The artist also has placed an emphasis on designing and manufacturing voodoo dolls as a form of healing and spiritual craft-making.  For a nominal fee of $19.99, you can own your very own Casey Anthony voodoo doll, complete with handcuffs, Bible, and white sunglasses.  Unfortunately the Casey Anthony Voodoo doll doesn’t talk.  But on the other hand, the other doll that was set to be released this week apparently does too much talking, or has many people talking.

Caylee Sunshine Doll
Caylee Sunshine Doll

A company out of Jacksonville, FL, started production of a Caylee Sunshine doll which was set to be released Tuesday.  The company, Showbiz Promotions said that they wanted to honor and respect Caylee’s life by bringing awareness to the case.  The doll, which didn’t bare any resemblance to Caylee Anthony, but still an obvious tribute doll, was put on hold.  Showbiz Promotions apparently received enough flack about their Caylee Sunshine Doll, it got them to put a halt to the sales. 

Not for nothin’, but fun with dolls aren’t looking like so much fun.  The talking Caylee Sunshine Doll, while probably good-intended, maybe a little to eerie for children…or anyone for that matter.  And as far as the Casey Anthony voodoo doll, that’s not really anything to play with either.  We all know the stigma surrounding voodoo dolls.  But if their legend hold’s true, with actually cursing their likeness, well wouldn’t that mean bad news for Casey Anthony?  Can she get a trial first?

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