The New Face Of The GOP

Steele elected as first black chair of RNC
Steele elected as first black chair of RNC

The new face of the GOP, a black man.  The Republican National Committee has selected Michael Steele to be the new chairman of the party.  He is the first African-American selected to the position.  In a fashion from the Democratic party, and America altogether, this is being called a “historic moment” by many members of the Republican party.  But will this be the change that the Republican party needs as they find themselves in a position where the future of the party is being questioned as they need to reach out and find a broader base as elections across the country are going the other direction?

Outgoing chairman Mike Duncan, dropped out after the third round of voting, and Steele would eventually beat out South Carolina GOP Chairman Katon Dawson to get the win.  “It’s time for something different, and we’re gonna bring it to them,” the former Maryland Lt. Governor said. 

Something different is what the party needs.  Both the majority of Congress and the presidency have turned to the other party, and Republicans are largely being blamed on a unfavorable war and a part in this economic crisis.  Not only that, the party has long been thought of a party not suited for minorities, middle class, lower class, urban America, average Americans, etc.  Actually any demographic that isn’t wealthy white-male American haven’t been leaning Republican for a while, but that’s exactly what they will need to recover. 

Not for nothin’, but it’s hard to distinguish whether this is a case of the best man for the job or a cry for help from the Republican party.  Not saying that a black man can’t be the best person to lead the Republican party to a new direction, or that electing a black man is a cry for help, but it’s a statement to say the least.  Unfortunately, the GOP will likely need a lot more than a black man at the head of their party to attract voters back to their side of the aisle.  Perhaps a re-tooling of the party may involve whole new party values and message.  They may have to take on a more progressive stance on a variety of issues.  To put it short, they need to be more liberal and somehow convince the Democrats to become more conservative.  Good luck with that.  Not saying that its impossible, but Democrats have a strong hold on the voting public, one that may be hard to relinquish.  The good news is, such a switch has happened before.


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