Super Sunday

Steelers vs Cardinals Superbowl XLIII
Steelers vs Cardinals Superbowl XLIII

Well, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention for the past five months, the NFL is still alive and kicking and we have ourselves a Super Bowl on our hands.  And for those of us who are not worried about commercials, parties, and halftime performances there could potentially be quite a game played in Tampa.  A lot of people believe it could go either way, between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.  The highly touted Steelers come in as one of the league’s elite teams with a highly regarded historic franchise.  On the other hand, the Cardinals while have shown glimpses of greatness at some point this year and other times have struggled limping in the postseason with an unimpressive 9-7 record.  But nonetheless, here we go with Super Bowl 43.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been great all season.  We know they were just in the big game just three years ago, and just to keep up appearance, they again come into this one with a strong defense, in fact the best in the league.  Strong running game, and along with the likes of Ben Rothlesberger and Hines Ward among others, in the passing game they were easily one of the best all around teams coming in to the playoffs. 

The Arizona Cardinals, a franchise almost a total opposite of their opponents, have had a turbulent season.  They started off playing rather well, but toward the end of the season they began to look like the Cardinals of previous seasons.  But what we all saw from them in this years playoffs was offensive and defensive performances to rival any of the greatest Super Bowl teams.

Not for nothin’, but the game could go either way, but it’s only going one way.  There will be a lot of people pulling for one team or the other, but many will be unhappy.  It’s always funny to see so many people who really don’t care about either team will likely be screaming their heads off sometime during the game.  Good luck to both.

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