Steelers Make Super Bowl History

Steelers win Super Bowl 43
Steelers win Super Bowl 43

In dramatic form, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43.  The Steelers go on to be the first team in NFL history to have won six Super Bowls, breaking the tie they had with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.  The game provided a lot of twist and turns, enough to make any fan of the game cringe and remain hopeful for whichever side you were rooting for.  But in the end, there can be only one.  We should be lucky enough that we all got to watch such a great contest between the two teams, probably one of the best Super Bowl games ever played, but is it the greatest of them all?

The game started off rather unexciting and much of the first half provided little excited, well except of course if you are a Steelers fan than you would have enjoyed the led they were able to keep for most of half.  Your enjoyment turned into pure glee when at the end of the first half, a potential touchdown catch by the Cardinals was instead turned into a 100-yard interception return by Pittsburgh’s James Harrison.  Arizona would eventually make it exciting by coming within a touchdown in the second half.  In the fourth, they managed to get an impressive defensive stop that led to a safety.  Just a few short plays later we saw Larry Fitzgerald making a 64-yard touchdown catch and the improbable comeback seemed likely with just over two minutes left.  Ben Rothlisberger and the Steelers proved that to be true and they made their way back down with one impressive catch after another, and one more grab by Santonio Holmes with both toes just dragging slightly inside the line for the score.

So what would be a Super Bowl without the controversy’s?  Good or bad, everyone’s going to have their take on how it went down.  The game was almost ruined by the amount of penalties and booth reviews that were called.  From start with the referees calling Rothlisberger down on the one yard line, to the end when the refs went into a hasty decision on the last play calling it a fumble to end the game.  Then with the last minute heroics of Rothlisberger and the unbelievable catch by Holmes, can we say this was the best Super Bowl game ever played.  Well that’s up for debate too, depends on who you ask.  Maybe if the referee would have called Harrison down before he scored.  Maybe if the Cardinals had one more play they could have scored.  If the clouds parted a different way, the Cardinals would have had more of a chance.

Not for nothin’, but there’s always a lot of “ifs”.  But as the saying goes, if “if” was a fifth, we’d all be drunk.  And if the Cardinals were the better team, they’d be the champions.  Good job Steelers.

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