Let My Suspect Go

Charges dropped on USS Cole suspect
Charges dropped on USS Cole suspect

Many of those close to me know my history.  In 2000 my brother, along with 17 others were killed in an explosion on the USS Cole.  Over the past eight years, my family and my extended USS Cole family have seen the justice part of the case take an incredible amount of twist and turns.  Over the past few years several suspects have been accused, tried and convicted in the plot.  But at this time none of them are in United States custody, or any custody of any law enforcement agency.

There was one suspect we had hope for.  One suspect in particular, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, is looking to be fortunate enough to have some light shine on him.  The U.S. government has dropped the charges against the terror suspect, who has been at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since 2006, who admitted last year to masterminding the plot behind the bombing of the USS Cole, but has since recanted and said he only confessed because he was being tortured.  The announcement of the charges being dropped came just shortly after President Obama said he wanted to meet with the family of the victim’s of the USS Cole and 9/11.  The charges were withdrawn on a basis that they can be reinstated at a later time.

Why did this happen?  Well it all has to do with President Obama’s plan to dismantle Guantanamo Bay.  This was one of Obama’s primary directives which was to put a stop to the military commission of Guantanamo Bay as his administration will actively pursue to find the court system there illegitimate.  So the president ordered for a continuance all the court proceedings at the detention center, including al-Nashiri’s which was to start on Monday, but a judge who wanted to go on with it saying the president’s request is “unreasonable”.  This was seemingly in response to that, but we’ll likely see them continue in May.

Not for nothin’, but President Clinton did not keep his promise of “getting them,” and after eight years of Bush, still no justice.  On the surface it doesn’t  look like the third swing is going the way I want it to go.  But, I will be at the White House personally to hear him out.


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