Putting Little Caylee To Rest

Caylee Anthony Memorial
Caylee Anthony Memorial

Over one thousand people said their goodbye’s to Caylee Marie Anthony Tuesday morning.  The public memorial service was held today at the Eastside Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida.  This will likely bring to an end of a quite a dramatic and tragic end where over the last several months the status of little Caylee was in question.  Question became no doubt in December when remains discovered just blocks away from the Anthony home were identified as that of Caylee Anthony.  The drama didn’t end there, for it took almost two months to get the remains process for either side in the upcoming trial, and have them released for a memorial. 

The Anthony family decided to have a public memorial because of the out-pour of support since Caylee was reported missing by her mother Casey Anthony, who has since been charged in her death.  Approximately 1,200 people showed up in the church.  They started lining up as early as 5:30am for the service.  While there were much of friends and family members present, there were also an abundance of unknowns there, simply any citizen who may have heard the story of Caylee Anthony and felt impacted enough to make the trip. 

But for as many people that were there, it was also easy enough to take not on who wasn’t there.  Naturally, the child’s mother Casey was not able to attend due to the status of her charges in jail.  Casey actually stated yesterday that she did not want a public memorial for her daughter, but it went on regardless.  The Anthony family put out a “disinvited list” for those who they did not want to come to the memorial.  Of those were bounty hunter Leornard Padilla, who the Anthony’s have been at odds with almost since the beginning of his involvement. 

Not for nothin’, but while the death of Caylee Anthony may be laid to rest, the case is still far from over.  A two-year old girl did not die for no reason.  Was she murdered?  Casey’s trial may give us that answer. 


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