Ask And You Shall Receive

Henriettas plea for help
Henrietta's plea for help

When Henrietta Hughes made her way to a town hall meeting that President Obama held in Fort Myers, Florida on Tuesday, she probably never thought she’d get the experience of a lifetime.  And it wasn’t just the experience she got, her and her son also received gifts, donations, and offers of goodwill, that all came from one simple plea for help to the president.

President Barack Obama held a town hall meeting at Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers to push his stimulus plan to some of the people who would need it most, as many in Florida’s southwest region felt the impact of harsh economic times a bit deeper than others.  And out of the dozens of people who Obama selected to take questions from, Henrietta Hughes was one of them.  Henrietta slept outside waiting in line for tickets to see the president that day.  And in the meeting when she was called upon by Obama, she told him of their plight.  She and her son lost their jobs and their home.  “Please help,” she told Obama.  Obviously taken back by the plea, President Obama walked over toward her and comforted her and give her a kiss on the cheek, saying, “we’re going to do everything we can.”

Well that moment didn’t just capture the president, but it captured the hearts of millions in America who heard her story that day and felt her pain.  Both the Hughes, Henrietta and her son Corey, became instantly famous and their lives would change for the better.  Phone calls and national media interviews would come in the days following.  And now the both of them were offered both a new home and jobs for the two.  The wife of state Rep. Nick Thompson offered them a house and home store Robb & Stucky may be helping with the furniture.  Corey Hughes got job offers from construction to law enforcement.  And it looks like Henrietta could be landing a job in social services.

Not for nothin’, but I wish it was that easy.  Or better yet, I met the president twice already, so why didn’t I think of that?   Not that I need a home or a job, but I got some credit I could clear up, a gambling habit to support, and a girlfriend I need to keep happy.  Seriously though, I’m glad Mr. and Ms. Hughes are getting the help they need.  It was fortunate that they were able to appeal to the president in such a way.  But let’s not forget the millions of other people who are in just as bad shape or even worse.


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