Sports Fans Get Their Fill

Big month in sports
Big month in sports

If you’re a fan of sports, then over the past couple of weeks you likely got some kind of enjoyment.  The second week of February marks the end of some sporting seasons, the middle of others, and the beginning of seasons to come.  You can group most of the major sports in these categories.  So people around the country regardless if you’re a fan or not a fan of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, college sports…we can even throw tennis, nascar and golf in there, we all have something to enjoy and partake in.

For starters, America’s most beloved sport football, recently came to an end.  Sometimes the last Sunday in January and sometimes the first Sunday in February the NFL brings us the Super Bowl, a long awaited game that’s played after five months watching and cheering.  But just a week after the Super Bowl is played, dozens of the leagues best square off in their all-star game, the Pro-Bowl.  Although, not the most highly regarded all-star event in sports, it’s seen as more of a scrimmage to many fans and players, but it remains our last taste of the treasured sport until well into the summer.

But what is left after we have no more football to watch, we’re left with a bunch of other sports to fill our rooting needs.  When the NFL’s last game is played, that usually comes around the same time where a couple other sports begin to heat up, at least on the court that is.  Both college basketball and professional basketball can find some of audiences back that’s not there during the winter because football is in its prime.  This is the time in the mid-season when we have the NBA’s All-Star game where the leagues best talent is displayed.  We begin to follow what teams are best, who isn’t worth watching, and who’s lining up for the playoffs.  And if you’re more of a fan of the names on the front of the jersey as oppose to the back, then college basketball is your game.  Don’t worry, you don’t have too long to wait until we’re into March Madness, probably the second most watched series of games next to the NFL playoffs.

And for those of us who want a more complete season to follow, well you’re not out of luck.  This year the NBA’s All-Star game fell on the same day as Nascar’s Daytona 500.  Which if you follow, you know that’s essentially the Super Bowl of Nascar.  That’s the one race that sets the standard for the season, that everyone watches.  Also yet to come just a few short days afterward, pitchers and catchers report for Major League Baseball’s spring training, signally the approach of that season.  Thousands flock to Florida or out west to see the first glimpses of their teams in action. 

Not for nothin’, but to complete it I guess I can’t go without mentioning tennis, golf, and hockey.  There all in full swing throughout the month of February, but with so much else going on, it’s understandable if it’s hard to keep up with those.

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