Pelosi’s Plight With The Pontiff

Pelosis meeting with the Pope
Pelosi's meeting with the Pope

Can House Speaker Nancy Pelosi be a good catholic, but at the same time still be an advocate for abortion rights?  Not according to the Pope.  In a meeting Wednesday between Pelosi and Pope Benedict XVI, he made as much clear to her.  But even after the meeting, how clear is this matter to the Pope, Pelosi, or anyone else for that matter?

Nancy Pelosi is a big supporter of her own Catholicism and her opinions on abortion rights.  She was raised a catholic in Baltimore and she’s never lost faith in her life.  But what she has gained was an opinion, specifically a political opinion.  It is no secret that many Democrats in the United States support a “pro-choice” stance or abortion rights.  But on the other hand many religious faiths, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, prohibit abortion.  So this is the fence that many Americans, Democrats, and Catholics find dividing themselves.  Can you have varying opinions on political ideologies and religious ideologies?  Or does having one religious belief automatically place you into a political category?

After the meeting, Pelosi declined to comment on the issue.  But instead gave a statement saying, “I had the opportunity to praise the Church’s leadership in fighting poverty, hunger, and global warming, as well as the Holy Father’s dedication to religious freedom.”  The Pope’s message was a little different making his stance known that he wants Catholic politicians to work to outlaw abortion.

Not for nothin’, but America is all about choices, rights, and freedom.  It’s been drummed into our heads for over the past 200 years.  Sorry to say, its the politicians and elected officials on the sticks, not the Pope.  We’re just following to the beat of another drum.


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