OMG! Is UR Child Sexting?

Is sexting child porn?
Is sexting child porn?

To go along with the World Wide Web, cellular phones, and digital technology, the Information Age being the era we’re presently in, has bought us yet another innovation.  But this one carries a negative stigma with it.  The term “sexting” is one of the newest terms of the Information Age that we have before us.  The word, a combination of the two words of “sex” and “texting”, is the practice of sending nude pictures to others by way of text messaging.  Many of us know that as the popularity of text messaging increased, so has this practice.  The bad thing about it is that its not unusual for all of the text messaging public and that includes its largest demographic…teenagers.

Just recently a 15-year-old girl from central Pennsylvania was charged with possessing, distributing and creating child pornography.  The teenage girl allegedly sent nude pictures of herself to an older man over the Internet.  Last month, also in Pennsylvania, six high schoolers were charged with child porn charges from an incident where three of them sent nude photos to the other three. 

Unfortunately child pornography has only become prominent over the past 10 to 20 years due to the height of the Internet, so child porn charges are not that advanced or relaxed just because you’re a teenager.  These laws take no exception.  If you’re charged with possessing and distributing child pornography you risk automatic jail time and risk being lumped together in a crowd of America’s most undesirable people. 

Not for nothin’, but it may seem innocent as a teen just to send photos of yourself to the person you’re dating, I mean, you’re not actually having sex, right?  Well if those pictures are sent out, you cannot get a do-over, you can’t get them back, they’re gone for anyoneto see.  And if the wrong person gets a hold of them, you’re now forever labeled a child pornographer.  But it’s kind of sad to have to ask, but will sex be the preferred option now?



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