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Our own award ceremony
Our own award ceremony

In the spirit of Oscar weekend, I figured I’ll bring to you a different type of awards presentation.  This will not be for filmmaking or film production, but since this blog specializes in news and information, I’d like to bring you those who have brought us the best (and worst) for our news so far this year.

Well lets start off with some supporting roles.  And what better supporting role out there than someone who actually supported President Obama’s stimulus package.  There were actually three of them, Senators Specter, Snowe and Collins stood out from their Republican mates and helped push it through.  But while they were good, and for the sake of keeping it recognition of the sexes, let’s go ahead and give our best “actress” in a supporting role to Henrietta Hughes who played a small but instrumental part in showing us how hard times are.  And as far as the male version, definitely would have to go with Alex Rodriguez’s cousin.  Literally there supporting A-rod through thick and thin.

Best Male Performance
Best Male Performance

Moving on with our awards ceremony, let’s get to the flashy awards.  And similar to the Academy Awards with a posthumous nomination, I have also elected to give a posthumous award.  The best female in a leading role goes to Beverly Eckhart.  I’m sure we all remember Beverly, who tragically lost her life in the plane crash in Buffalo.  Beverly will remain an excellent example of how anyone should lead their life.  While that election was easily to me, the best male in a leading role will be rather hard.  We have some excellent talent involved.  There’s President Barack Obama, the afore mentioned Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps from his infamed pot smoking, and of course there’s Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger.  And to prevent President Obama from making a clean sweep this year, and because he did a damn good job anyway, the best male performance goes to Sully. 

So because we gave the male performance award to Sully, President Obama has to be involved in the Best Picture…or Story of the year.  There’s so many to choose from, stimulus battle, economy troubles but the award for the best story of the year, the Inauguration.  Hollywood really can’t write a better story.

Not for nothin’, but I guess we can give an honorable mention to the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident for best drama.

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