A Vow To Recover

President Obama addresses Congress
President Obama addresses Congress

In President Barack Obama’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, six specific words will be echoed as a lasting impression to many, “we will rebuild, we will recover,” he told those in attendance and watching around the world.  The president  laid out words of optimism throughout the speech, and also some harsh words and he reminded all of us the realities we face.  He laid out his vision in what we face as a country in economic crisis and his strategy on how to get it to work.

The State of the Union style speech lasted just over 50 minutes much of which was filled with pockets of applause.  While much of the speech was geared towards explaining his initiatives on the bailout and repairing current economic conditions, he also touched on the budget and he’s three priorities of energy, healthcare and education.  Even though he addressed it will not solve every problem, he called it a “blueprint for our future.”  A blueprint that will hopefully cut two trillion from the deficit we inherited along with fixing the financial crisis, and ending a costly recession.  

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave the Republican response following the address by the president.  In typical cross party mudslinging, he called the stimulus package pushed through by the president and congress “irresponsible”.  He along with other republicans agree that Obama relies on too much spending than tax cuts to help with economic crisis, a strategy that will not work.  He added,”the way to lead is not to raise taxes and put money and power in the hands of Washington politicians.  The way to lead is by empowering you, the American people.”

Not for nothin’, but in this case talk is not cheap.  There’s $787 billion riding on this speech, this president, our government, and our economy.  If there’s any solution to this current crisis, we have to believe that this is a start.  Rebuilding and recovering may involve the perfect storm of budgeting spending and tax cuts.  A lot of people will have to work together.  We have to rebuild, we have to recover, if not, those could be some of the most expensive words uttered.


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