The New Cocaine Cowboys

AG: A National Security Threat
AG: A National Security Threat

This past week United States Attorney General called it “a national security threat.”  It’s getting to the point where thousands upon thousands have been murdered, kidnapped, tortured, or beheaded.  A nation is in terror, and this time it is not in the Middle East.  An ongoing drug war in Mexico between rival drug cartels and the Mexican government is wrecking havoc over north Mexico with murder and mayhem, and it has spilled into the United States.  As if drugs weren’t enough of a problem, the weaponry, body count, and widespread fear have created a supreme mess.

The “war on drugs” is a phrase that has been with us for a very long time and illegal drugs and the issues they create have been with us for even longer.  The problem we are facing today is the country of Mexico finds itself as the main supply route to the United States for the trafficking of illegal drugs, specifically cocaine centrally produced by Columbia. 

Cocaine Cowboys
"Cocaine Cowboys"

While many Americans may not see it as an “American problem” it could arguably become the most prominent American problem over the next few years.  And it’s a problem that we’ve seen before.  Drug trafficking, an escalating homicide count, corruption of government officials was a significant problem in the late 1970s and early 1980s in South Florida.   At that time, Miami was seen as the main supply route to get illegal drugs into the United States.  It was easily accessible and with the the influx of immigrants, Columbians were able to come in and take advantage of that very fact.  The result was an increase in gang violence and everything else associated with the multi-billion dollar business.  The name Cocaine Cowboys fit very well as the law had little affect on the cocaine smugglers, giving the situation a sense and feel of lawlessness. 

But America realized that it was a problem and had to be dealt with.  Drug enforcement in South Florida got tougher and the business suffered.  Well drugs still had to get into the United States right?  Step in Mexico, who already had system from marijuana and heroin smuggling, which made it easier.  Mexico realized it was a problem in their country years ago.  And when the drugs from the south met up with the guns and other high-powered assault weapons smuggled in from the north into the central country, it makes it an international problem.

Not for nothin’, but we heard of the names Capone, Luciano, Seigal, Gotti and we know what they mean, but we will soon get a new set of names that will long be associated with organized crime, criminal syndicates, gang violence, and other unlawful rackets.  Actually this new brand of the wild, wild, west criminal activity, more powerful than its Miami predecessor,  makes more money, are more heavily armed, more destructive, and deadly than the Italian Mafia could every be.  And its all because of the narcotic.  A growing body count that is reaching the tens of thousands in just the last couple years, including law enforcement, troops, and your average everyday citizens means that this won’t stop soon, and is probably the real war we should be paying attention to.



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