Who’s Really Calling The Shots Over There?

Steele apologizes to Limbaugh
Steele apologizes to Limbaugh

It’s political mudslinging at it’s best.  Putting down someone to show everyone how good you are.  And of course once it goes too far, you’ll hear your normal verses of apologies and such.  Usually there are two clear distinct sides, you knew where everyone stood, more importantly you knew which party you aligned with.  But this time around, the line is a little blurred, primarily because the line is deep on one side.  It’s not the democrats versus republicans in this fight, it’s the republican’s versus the republicans.  In a time where the party finds itself in a position where they are being blamed for everything that has gone wrong in this country, a new leader has emerged.  But that knew leader is finding opposition with an old leader.

Over the weekend we actually saw this back and forth power struggle unfold before our eyes.  Newly elected RNC chairman Michael Steele was a guest on CNN’s DL Hughley Breaks the News.  Steele was responding to the question of Rush Limbaugh being the “de facto” leader of the Republican Party, and he responded, “his whole thing is entertainment,” and then continued by with referring to Limbaugh as “incendiary” and “ugly”.  Well you got to believe that wasn’t going to sit well with the “voice of the Republican Party” who always has something to say.  Seeing that he gets paid to talk, he used his show on Monday to unleash a tirade on Michael Steele, questioning his leadership and saying he should be “embarrassed”.

And then the battle essentially resolved itself when Steele issued an apology on Monday, acknowledging Limbaugh as a “national conservative leader”.  He also apologized for taking the heat off what’s important saying, “my remarks helped the Democrats in Washington to take the focus, even for one minute, off of their irresponsible expansion of government.”

Not for nothin’, but many democrats used this spat as something that they already knew, Rush Limbaugh is the true leader of the Republican Party.  Steele’s reversal and him backing down only proved as much.  So are we really to believe that guys like Steele, Bobby Jindal, Palin, and Cantor are just puppets?  Why don’t they just nominate El Rushbo in the next convention?


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