One Last Moonwalk

Jacksons final concerts
Jackson's final concerts

“This is it.”  That was the announcement by the King of Pop Michael Jackson.  The last hurrah, one final curtain call, one more Moonwalk by the originator.  The pop icon announced that he will perform one last series of ten concerts in London this July, his first such stage appearance in a dozen years.  If you want to ever seen the face of pop music perform, this is it.

Jackson made the announcement Thursday in London in front of fans.  The concerts will start on July 8 and will take place at the O2 Arena.  Tickets go on sale next Friday and you would be able to get them for as low as $70.  That’s not a bad price in order to see one of the most, if not the most recognizable musical act in history.

Michael Jackson hasn’t recorded a new album since the release of his 10th solo album “Invincible” and hasn’t gone on tour since 1996 and 1997 when he was promoting his “History” greatest hits album.  So saying any musical performance by the entertainer is needed would be an understatement according to many fans.  While there are no new songs to sing, no new records to promote, Jackson still has dozens of songs to choose from, many being some of the most popular songs ever.  “I’ll be performing the songs my fans want to hear,” he said in the press conference.

Not for nothin’, but if I go on a hiatus for a couple of weeks in July, then you’d know why.  Even with all the troubles and issues that Michael Jackson was famous for, we still shouldn’t take what he means to music for granted.  This is the last chance to see one of world’s best do what he does best.  It’s history in the making. 


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