The Magic Returns

Siegfried and Roy return to stage
Siegfried and Roy return to stage

In the town where millions have very memorable nights, here’s one more to add to the list.  Las Vegas is used to having some of the greatest stage shows in the world and home to some grand attractions, but their latest attraction is a show that many thought they’d never see again.  Last week the world famous duo Siegfried and Roy put on their return and final performance together, an event that was nearly impossible and unthinkable after the near death of Roy Horn in 2003.

The illusionist couple had their long standing show at Las Vegas’ Mirage Hotel and Casino abruptly cut short in October 2003.  Their show included some of the most amazing magic acts in the world but more importantly they were probably better known from the exotic tigers and lions that appeared alongside the two on stage and in various aspects of their lives.  But during one of their shows in that October day Roy Horn was nearly mauled to death after one of his tiger’s allegedly attacked him.  The attack proved to be costly as it brought the performer to the brink of death and doctors virtually gave him no chance to ever walk or talk again.

Well five and a half years later an audience of 1100 saw probably their greatest magic trick, when Roy Horn walked the stage again with both his partner Siegfried and the tiger that nearly ended his life all those years ago.  The performance was showed on ABC News’ “20/20” special, a show which also documented the history and trials Siegfried and Roy had gone through to get them to this point.

Not for nothin’, but while Roy Horn is having an amazing recovery and it was amazing that they were able to make a comeback and return to the stage, it’s also amazing that performed with the wild animals to begin with. 


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