Who Killed Bill?

David Carradine killed
David Carradine killed

Actor David Carradine was found dead in a hotel in Tailand last Wednesday.  His death has yet to be fully explained but many believe it to be accidental, some others say it was suicide, but there is still that claim out there that says it could have been murder.  In any event the manner in which the actor’s death happened came at a shocking surprise to many.  Bangkok authorities say he was found hanging in a hotel room closet with his wrist bound with rope wearing fishnet stockings.  While the family of Carradine insist that there is no way he could have committed suicide, police say that there were no other people present in the hotel room so an accidental death from a sex act appears to be the most likely theory.

That still doesn’t sit well with a select few.  A select few such as Carradine family lawyer Mark Geragos.  He’s leading the charge that is under the assumption that it was possible that Carradine could have been assassinated by a secret underworld kung-fu society that he was investigating in an attempt to expose.  Yeah, that may sound a little far fetched but it was no secret that Carradine had an unusual interest in Chinese culture and philosophy. 

We all know that David Carradine landed among his first major starring roles as Kwai Chang Caine in the hit television series of the 1970’s, Kung Fu.  It was that role that probably started his interest in the martial arts culture.  The rest is history as he became an icon in martial arts landing various similar roles where he’d have the opportunity to display his knowledge and kills in the martial arts in such movies as Lone Wolf McQuade, a few more television movies of Kung Fu the series and the Kill Bill series. 

Not for nothin’, but all of the above is evidence that he did have an interest in the culture.  That same interest led him to land a successful career in the entertainment industry.  Well it also could have been that same interest that could have led to his demise.  But let’s be real, speaking of interest, there was an interest the actor had in unique sexual behavior, which brings it back around to an accidental death.

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