Caylee Autopsy Answers Some Questions, Leaves Others

Autopsy report of Caylee Anthony
Autopsy report of Caylee Anthony

Two significant releases in the case of slain toddler Caylee Altnthony came out Friday.  The Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office released the official autopsy report from the death and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee released additional forensic material.  The autopsy report that a judge ruled to have released brought to light some answers that many saw coming as far as the death of little Caylee and the manner in which the body was found.  The other report released Friday addressed the matter of what was supposedly in the trunk of Casey’s car before she was arrested.  Although they help, neither report comes as a slam dunk for the prosecution as the continue to build their case against Casey Anthony.

Since the discovery of the body in December, there have been several reports of where and how Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.  The autopsy report confirms much of that.  The remains were found with two plastic bags and another laundry bag.  Over the span that crime scene investigators spent in the wooded area, they were able to collect most of the child’s remains, save multiple small bones from the wrist, hands, fingers, and ankles.  The tales of decomposition were essentially true, including the fact about the duct tape that was found on the child’s mandible region, evidently place there before the decomposition process started.  And after all of this, they can only say that the child was indeed killed, but because they couldn’t detect any drugs in the system or see any trauma to the bones, how she was killed is still unsolved and will likely remain that way.

Something that does become a bit clearer is exactly what was in the trunk of the car, or specifically who.  The defense has been taking the side for months that a certain foul odor from the trunk of the car could possibly be explained due to decomposing pizza or a dead animal.  Something was definitely decomposing, but test show that it likely wasn’t pizza nor a dead squirrel.  Approximately 80 percent of the 51 chemicals found in a sample of the carpet were consistent with decomposition.  But was that decomposing material that of which was found in the woods less than a mile from the Anthony home?

Not for nothin’, but looks can be deceiving.  It’s not hard to try and figure out what went out and form your own opinion, but unforetunately our opinions don’t count.  As I said before, this is not a slam dunk, not a chip shot, nor is it a routine fly.  Any professional can tell you that there’s almost no easy out anywhere.  Just too many varibles to be considered.  Same applies here.  This time varibles could be the difference between a murderer going free or the life of an innocent lady in jeopardy.

3 thoughts on “Caylee Autopsy Answers Some Questions, Leaves Others

  1. I think that cause of death is pretty obvious. Nobody wraps several layers of duct tape tightly around a small child’s head, covering the mouth and nose without intending to smother the child.

  2. I do not think this is a slam dunk due to one piece of evidence but when you put it all together I truly think the prosecution has a very strong case. I do not believe Casey and innocent go together. What mother waits 31 days to report the child missing? Let us also remember Casey had no intention of reporting Caylee missing that day either, her mother made her leave the boy-friends and her mother reported her missing not Casey. As far as the duct tape goes I would hope that Caylee was in a deep sleep before being placed on her mouth and nose.

  3. I think the prosecution has more…..way more, and I think they have a piece of evidence that will be…. a slam dunk.
    Too many inconsitancies with both Casey and her parents stories, starting from the day Caylee was finally reported missing and continuing on to this day.
    There is absolutely no plausible reason for Casey to not report her daughter missing, lie about employment, lie about the sitters address, lie about a phone call from Caylee, lie about telling people of the kidnapping who do not even exist. Will be very interesting to see Baez wiggle out of all of those lies.

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