Oh Maria, Maria…

Governor Sanford confesses in press conference
Governor Sanford confesses in press conference

Or should we say, “Oh Mark, Mark…”  South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford finally came clean about his behavior over the past week.  The Governor apparently went missing for a number of days, to the point that no one knew his whereabouts.  His office would finally find some excuse, of him being on hiking excursion on the Appalachian trail, that they were forced to come up with even after they had not contact with him.  After hearing calls and pleas from the masses, from state legislators to the media, Governor Sanford, emerged back into the public eye, first at the Atlanta International Airport.  Just the next day the country learned of Sanford was up to…”Oh Maria, Maria.”

Mark Sanford admitted in a press conference that he was on a different kind of a wilderness experience.  This wilderness was much closer to the Andes mountain range rather than the Appalachian.  And this trail was probably the streets along a nice Buenos Aires neighborhood that led him to the residence of his mistress that we found out he’s in love with…”Oh Maria, Maria.”

Governor Sanford was rather open and honest during the briefing with media.  He described where he had been, the type of relationship the two have had and the impact it has had with his family.  He said that the two were familiar with one another for years, but only got intimate over the past year.  It is said that his wife was aware of the extramarital affair and that she asked him to move out in a trial separation.  It would only be hours after the press conference that we’d find out about the extent of several emails that were sent from Sanford that spoke of an “hopelessly impossible situation of love.”

Now comes to light the questions of should he resign and how were these trips to Argentina paid for?  Were they paid from Sanford’s own pocket, or was it on the tax payer’s expense.  It was uncovered that the his first trip to South America was state funded and legit, but were there any times where he provided some convenient excuse to get a free trip to see his lover?  If so, then it’s quite evident that his ability to govern is clouded.  He was one of the ones that made a big deal over President Clinton’s extramarital affairs and his ability to lead because of it.  Well by that rationale, we should do the same with him right?  Does he put a love affair over his position as governor of South Carolina?

Not for nothin’, but he was gone without a word and no contact whatsoever for almost a whole week.  Who was running the state then?

One thought on “Oh Maria, Maria…

  1. “He was one of the ones that made a big deal over President Clinton’s extramarital affairs and his ability to lead because of it. Well by that rationale, we should do the same with him right?”

    Sort of right. Regardless of his hypocrisy with respect to former President Clinton, we should ask if Mark Sanford is fit to lead or be trusted. Gov. Sanford isn’t the only guy in a leadership position to get nailed on this sort of thing lately.

    A Police Chief in Madison Wisconsin recently got caught having an affair with a married journalist who had written a glowing feature about him http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/noquarter/48568662.html and an Eastern Orthodox priest was recently defrocked for apparently sexually abusing a female resident of his community http://pokrov.org/display.asp?ds=Article&id=1059

    Perhaps we should also ask ourselves the not so terribly philosophical question: What does it really take to lead and why do we keep selecting people who are obviously unfit and fail us?

    I think the answers make us uncomfortable. In some ways, we have been avoiding these kinds of questions as long as we have been around to select screw ups to run things.

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